Frederick II, Count of Celje

Frederick II (Slovene: Friderik II. Celjski; German: Friedrich II Graf von Cilli) (17 January 1379 – 13 or 20 June 1454) was a Count of Celje and Ban of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia.

Frederick II, Count of Celje
Count of Celje, Zagorje and Ortenburg, Lord of the Slovene March
Prince of the Holy Roman Empire
Frederic II. of Cilli.PNG
Frederick II, Count of Celje
Ban of Slavonia
Reign1445 - 1454
PredecessorMatko Talovac
SuccessorUlrich II, Count of Celje
BornJanuary 17, 1379
Died(1454-06-13)June 13, 1454
Žovnek Castle
Noble familyHouse of Celje
Spouse(s)Elizabeth of Frankapan, Veronika of Desenice
IssueUlrich II, Count of Celje
FatherHermann II, Count of Cilli
MotherAnna of Schaunberg

Early lifeEdit

Frederick was the son of Hermann II, Count of Celje and his wife Anna of Schaunberg.


Frederick II married Elizabeth of Frankopan and after her death in 1422, Veronika of Desenice.[1] The famous Eberhard Windbeck chronicle gives a detailed report on the circumstances of Elizabeth of Frankopan's death, which in the chronicle is described as murder and placed in the year 1424.[2]


Family treeEdit

Ulrich of SanneckCatherine of Heunburg
Frederick I of Celje
∞ Diemut of Walsee
Wladislaw I of PolandStephen II of Bosnia
Casimir III of PolandUlrich I of Celje
∞ Adelaide of Ortenburg
Hermann I of CeljeCatherine of BosniaElizabeth of Poland
Anna of PolandWilliam of CeljeHermann II, Count of Celje
∞ Anna Schaunberg
Elizabeth of BosniaLouis I of Hungary
2.Anna of CeljeWładysław II JagiełłoFrederick II, Count of Celje
∞1.Elizabeth Frankopan
2.Veronika of Desenice
2.Barbara of CeljeSigismund, Holy Roman Emperor1.Mary of Hungary1.Jadwiga of Poland
Ulrich II, Count of Celje
Katarina Branković

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