Frederick, Hereditary Prince of Baden-Durlach

Frederick, Hereditary Prince of Baden-Durlach (7 October 1703 – 26 March 1732) was a German hereditary prince of the Margraviate of Baden-Durlach.

Frederick, Hereditary Prince of Baden-Durlach
Huber, Friedrich von Baden-Durlach.JPG
Born(1703-10-07)7 October 1703
Died26 March 1732(1732-03-26) (aged 28)
Noble familyHouse of Zähringen
Spouse(s)Amalia of Nassau-Dietz
FatherCharles III William, Margrave of Baden-Durlach
MotherMagdalena Wilhelmine of Württemberg

Frederick was the son of Charles III William, Margrave of Baden-Durlach, and Magdalena Wilhelmine of Württemberg (7 November 1677 - 30 October 1742), the daughter of William Louis, Duke of Württemberg.

He became heir apparent when his elder brother Charles Magnus died in 1712. However, he died before his father did and therefore never came to government in Durlach.

He served in the imperial army. In 1724, he was appointed colonel, in 1728, he was promoted to major general.

Marriage and descendantsEdit

On 3 July 1727, Frederick married Amalia of Nassau-Dietz (born 13 October 1710, died 17 September 1777), the daughter of John William Friso, Prince of Orange. They had the following children: