Fredericia Municipality

Fredericia Municipality is a municipality (Danish, kommune) on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula in south-central Denmark. It belongs to Region of Southern Denmark, covers an area of 134.46 km2, and has a total population of 49,463 (2008). The Mayor is Steen Wrist, representing the Social Democrats political party.

Fredericia Municipality
Fredericia Kommune
The old courthouse in Fredericia
The old courthouse in Fredericia
Coat of arms of Fredericia Municipality
Map DK Fredericia.PNG
Coordinates: 55°35′N 9°46′E / 55.58°N 9.77°E / 55.58; 9.77Coordinates: 55°35′N 9°46′E / 55.58°N 9.77°E / 55.58; 9.77
RegionSouthern Denmark
 • MayorSteen Wrist
 • Total134.46 km2 (51.92 sq mi)
 • Total50,429
 • Density380/km2 (970/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC2 (CEST) Edit this at Wikidata

The municipality's main town and the site of its municipal council is the city of Fredericia.

Neighboring municipalities are Vejle to the north, Kolding to the west, and Middelfart to the east, albeit separated from the municipality by the waters of the Lillebælt, the strait, that separates the Jutland mainland from the island of Funen in this area, where the two lie very close to each other, often less than 1.5 km apart. Snævringen is an extension of the Kattegat, and begins near the cities of Fredericia and Middelfart.

The municipality is part of Triangle Region and of the East Jutland metropolitan area, which had a total population of 1.378 million in 2016.[1][2]


The municipality was created as the result of the kommunalreform ("Municipal Reform") in 1970. Fredericia municipality was not merged with other municipalities in the 2007 nationwide Kommunalreformen ("Municipal Reform"). Before 2007, the municipality was surrounded by the municipalities of Børkop to the north, Kolding to the west, and Middelfart to the east and belonged to Vejle County.

Municipality populationEdit

As of 1 January:

  • 1980 - 45,820
  • 1985 - 45,879
  • 1990 - 46,072
  • 1995 - 47,037
  • 1999 - 47,947
  • 2000 - 48,066
  • 2003 - 48,533
  • 2004 - 48,857
  • 2005 - 49,147
  • 2006 - 49,252


Fredericia 40,886
Taulov 3,402
Skærbæk 2,290
Herslev 860
Pjedsted 700
Bredstrup 540

The city of FredericiaEdit

The city of Fredericia was founded in 1650 by Frederik III, after whom it was named. Fredericia was almost selected as the Danish capital, due to its central location and large port; but the costs from building the necessary government buildings and building a palace for the royal family, grew too big so the plans were scrapped and Copenhagen remained the capital.

The city is one of Denmark's largest traffic hubs, and is home to the army's Signals Regiment (Telegrafregimentet), which is located at Ryes Barracks (Ryes Kaserne) and Bülows Barracks (Bülows Kaserne).

Twin towns – sister citiesEdit

Fredericia is twinned with:[3]


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