Frederica (1942 film)

Frederica (French: Frédérica) is a 1942 French comedy film directed by Jean Boyer and starring Charles Trenet, Elvire Popesco and Jacqueline Gauthier.[1] It is based on a play by Jean de Letraz.

Frederica (1942 film).jpg
Directed byJean Boyer
Written byJean de Letraz
Based onÉpousez-nous, monsieur by Jean de Letraz
Produced bySuzanne Goosens
Marcel Segard
StarringCharles Trenet
Elvire Popesco
Jacqueline Gauthier
CinematographyLucien Joulin
Edited byAndrée Danis
Music byHenri Forterre
Georges Van Parys
Jason Films
Distributed byGray-Film
Release date
18 November 1942
Running time
92 minutes


Gilbert Legrant a singer and owner of a cabaret is financially bailed out by his girlfriend Lilette. However, she is outraged when she discovers love letters written by him to a woman named Frederica. Frederica is in fact a fictional creation of his ideal woman, but Lilette doesn't believe him. Gilbert's friend gets his own girlfriend Claudine to pose as Frederica, while in turn a real Frederica arrives from Davos causing further confusion.



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