Franco of Liège

Franco of Liège (died c. 1083) was an 11th-century mathematician who worked on squaring the circle. He was the chancellor (attested 1057) and later scholaster of Saint Lambert's Cathedral, Liège (before 1066-after 1083).[1] [2]

His De quadratura circuli, explaining his efforts to square the circle, was written around 1050.[3] The musical treatise Quaestiones in musica, primarily ascribed to Rudolf of St Trond, has also been attributed to him.[4] Sigebert of Gembloux ascribes to him other works, including some saints' lives, a poem (ligno crucis) and a treatise on the ember days (De Jejunio IIIIor temporum).[2]

Cosmas of Prague was his student. [5]


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