Franck Pavloff

Franck Pavloff is a French psychologist, novelist, and poet born in Nîmes in France in 1940[1]. Franck Pavloff currently lives in Isère, between trips. His Bulgarian father allowed him to develop a critical mind and his need for freedom, bequeathing him "the imperious taste of barbed wire and shoving confiscated thoughts" (blurb for the short story Brown Morning).

Franck Pavloff
Franck Pavloff in 2010
Born (1940-04-24) 24 April 1940 (age 79)

Life experienceEdit

He spent over twenty years in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and France working in the fields of community social development and the defense of children's rights. He is a psychologist expert with Courts of Appeal.[2]

His first novel was published in 1993 by Editions Gallimard. All in all, he wrote 25 other books in the genres of romantic fiction, young adult fiction, and travel diary as well as poetry.

His last adult novels with published with Albin Michel: The Bridge Ran-Mositar (Albin Michel) Price-France Télévisions in 2005, "The Chapel of Appearances" (2007), "The great exile" (Literary Award for Large spaces, 2009 ), "The man with the bear's shoulders" (released in 2012, Frontier Award Letters in 2013 Readers' Choice Award of Mouans Sartoux in 2013).

The short story Brown Morning published by Cheyne editions in 1998 has achieved international success, with about two million copies sold in France. It was translated into 25 languages.


Novels, short storiesEdit

*The wind was crazy, Publisher Gallimard, 2334 Black Series No. 1993

  • Black heels, Whale Editions, Snapshots collection of Polar 1995
  • A hole in the area, Whale Publishing, The Octopus 1995
  • Eyes Bee, Whale Editions 1998
  • Gare de Lourenço Marques, Whale Editions 1998
  • Brown Morning Editions

      Brown (Acorn Book Company, 2003) ISBN 0954495918.[3]

      Brown Morning (Univ of Wisconsin Press, 2004) ISBN 0299200744.[4]

  • Night wasteland, The Orchard, 2001
  • A finger of freedom, Hyphen (Quebec), 2001
  • After me, Hiroshima, Gallimard, 2003 (2070429938 ISBN), available from Zulma first edition (2002)
  • Loincloth sleep Desclée de Brouwer, 2003
  • High is the tower, Albin Michel, 2003
  • The Silence of the eagles, Alternatives, 2004
  • Bridge Ran-Mositar, Albin Michel, 2005
  • The Chapel of Appearances, Albin Michel, 2007
  • The Great Banishment, Albin Michel, 2009
  • Forget me, The Bad Seed, 2010
  • Pondicherry, Goa, North Carnets 2010
  • The Man in the Bear build, Albin Michel, 2012
  • Letters 2013 border price
  • The Child margins, Albin Michel, 2014


  • Pinguino, Publisher Syros, Black Mouse 1994
  • Lao Wee and Arusha, Syros (I accuse) 1994
  • The squat resists, Syros (black Mouse), 1996
  • Menace of the city, Albin Michel, 1998 (2226091130 ISBN)
  • Hostage taking in the sun, Nathan (Black Moon), 2000
  • Stopover in Château-Rouge, Milan, 2002
  • Until dawn, Bayard (I bouquine), 2004
  • Eloa when are we going?, Street World, 2005
  • The Fall of the golden eagle, Fleurus 2006
  • The Three Gifts, Albin Michel J. (album), 2013


  • Prickly gardens, Ricochet, 2000
  • Indian exile, Triptych (Quebec), 2001


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