Francisco Cea Bermúdez

Francisco de Paula de Cea Bermúdez y Buzo (Málaga, 28 October 1779 – Paris, 6 July 1850) was a Spanish politician and diplomat who served twice as Prime Minister of Spain.

Francisco Cea Bermúdez
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Prime Minister of Spain
In office
29 November 1832 – 15 January 1834
MonarchMaria Christina
Succeeded byFrancisco de Paula Martínez de la Rosa
Personal details
Francisco Cea Bermúdez y Buzo

28 October 1779
Málaga, Spain
Died6 July 1850 (aged 70)
Paris, France


A successful businessman, he was sent in 1810 by the Cadiz Cortes to Russia, to forge an alliance against Napoleon. After the War, he was Ambassador in Constantinople (1820–1823) and London (1824). In that year he became Prime Minister for the first time, but was dominated by Francisco Calomarde, the real leader of the Cabinet. When the cabinet fell in October 1825, he became again Ambassador in Dresden (1825–1827) and London (1827–1832).

On 1 October 1832, he was recalled to become Prime Minister again, in the turbulent years when Ferdinand VII of Spain died, and the Pragmatic Sanction of 1830 came into effect, leading to the First Carlist War. He was also the architect of the 1833 territorial division of Spain.

He was deposed in January 1834 and emigrated to Paris, where he died in 1850.