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The Francis Parkman Prize, named after Francis Parkman, is awarded by the Society of American Historians for the best book in American history each year. Its purpose is to promote literary distinction in historical writing.[1] The Society of American Historians is an affiliate of the American Historical Association.



The Parkman Prize is offered annually to a non-fiction book, including biography, that is distinguished by its literary merit and makes an important contribution to the history of what is now the United States. The author need not be a citizen or resident of the United States, and the book need not be published in the United States. Textbooks, edited collections, bibliographies, reference works, and juvenile books are ineligible. The book's copyright must be in the previous year.

The prizeEdit

In 2013 the prize consists of a certificate and $2,000. A certificate is also presented to the publisher. The prize is awarded at the society's annual meeting in May.


Francis Parkman Prize for Special AchievementEdit

The Francis Parkman Prize for Special Achievement is periodically awarded for scholarly and professional distinction. Established in 1962, it has been awarded only five times.[9]



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