François de Noailles, Prince of Poix

François de Noailles, Prince of Poix (François Joseph Eugène Napoléon; 25 December 1866 – 8 May 1900) 10th Prince of Poix, was a French nobleman who used the courtesy title Prince of Poix (prince de Poix) as Heir apparent to the Duke of Mouchy, itself a cadet branch of the House of Noailles.

François de Noailles
Prince of Poix
Full name
François Joseph Eugène Napoléon de Noailles
Born25 December 1866 (aged 33)
Paris, France
Died8 May 1900
Paris, France
Noble familyof Noailles
Spouse(s)Madeleine Dubois (29 June 1889)
FatherAntoine de Noailles, 6th Duke of Mouchy
MotherPrincess Anne Murat

Son of Antonin-Just-Léon-Marie de Noailles (1841–1909), Duke of Mouchy, and Princess Anne Murat (1841–1924)

Marriage Edit

On, 29 June 1889 he married Madeleine Marie Isabelle Dubois (1870–1944), daughter of Arthur Dubois, Viscount of Courval (1826-1873) and his American wife Mary Ray (1835-1901).

Children Edit

  1. Henri-Antoine-Marie de Noailles, Duke of Mouchy (1890–1947) married Marie de La Rochefoucauld (1901–1983)
  2. Arthur Anne Marie Charles de Noailles, Viscount of Noailles (1891–1981) married Marie Laure Bischoffsheim.
  3. Antoine Henri Alexis Marie de Noailles (born and died 1893)
  4. Philippine Marie Cécile Douce de Noailles (1898–1991) married Eugène, 11th Prince of Ligne.
French nobility
Preceded by Prince de Poix
25 December 1866 – 8 May 1900
Succeeded by