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A fox is a small-to-medium-sized, omnivorous mammal belonging to several genera of the family Canidae

Fox may also refer to:


First nameEdit

  • Fox Butterfield (born 1939), American journalist
  • Fox Conner (1874–1951), American major-general and mentor of Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Fox Harris (1936–1988), American actor
  • Fox Henderson (1853–1918), American businessman and banking entrepreneur
  • Sean Paul Lockhart, stage name "Fox Ryder" (born 1986), American film actor-director
  • Fox Stanton, real name William L. Stanton (1874–1946), American football player and coach
  • Fox Stevenson, real name Stanley Stevenson Byrne (born 1993), English singer-songwriter



Film and televisionEdit



  • Fox McCloud, from Nintendo's video game series Star Fox
  • Fox (Farthing Wood), from the animated children's television series The Animals of Farthing Wood
  • Fox (Gargoyles), a female character from the animated television series Gargoyles and its comics, voiced by Laura San Giacomo
  • Fox (Neighbours), in the Australian soap opera Neighbours
  • Fox Crane, in the soap opera Passions portrayed by Justin Hartley
  • Fox Mulder, in the TV show The X-Files portrayed by David Duchovny


  • HMS Fox, several British ships and shore installations
  • M93 Fox, a German armored personnel carrier
  • Fox (code word), a brevity code for air-to-air munitions release


United StatesEdit



  • Fox Racing, an apparel maker
  • Fox Racing Shox, a suspension manufacturer for the bicycle, automotive, and motorsports industries


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