Fountain of Cybele

The Fountain of Cybele (Spanish: Fuente de Cibeles, or simply, La Cibeles) is a neoclassical fountain in Madrid, Spain. It lies on the centre of the Plaza de Cibeles. The sculptural group in its centre represents Cybele, a Phrygian earth and fertility deity. It has become one of the icons of the city.[1]

Fountain of Cybele
Spanish: Fuente de Cibeles
Fuente de Cibeles - 04.jpg
ArtistFrancisco Gutiérrez (sculptor)
Roberto Michel [es] (sculptor)
Ventura Rodríguez (designer)
MediumWhite marble
LocationPlaza de Cibeles, Madrid, Spain
Coordinates40°25′10″N 3°41′35″W / 40.419345°N 3.693081°W / 40.419345; -3.693081

History and descriptionEdit

Designed and commissioned by Ventura Rodríguez in 1780, the sculptural group—made of white marble from Montesclaros[2] is a work by Francisco Gutiérrez (goddess) and Roberto Michel [es] (the lions).[3]

Crowned by a mural crown, the goddess rides a chariot pulled by two lions, representing Atalanta and Hippomenes.[4]

It was moved to its current location and orientation in 1895.[3]

It has a maximum water capacity of 278 m3.[4]

The fountain is the site where Real Madrid's supporters and players gather to celebrate the team's trophies as well as partakers of the successes of the Spain national football team.[5] The goddess lost a hand in 1994, following a celebration of a victory of the Spanish national team.[4] The goddess lost again one of her hands on 21 September 2002.[6]

The Fountain of Cybele has a replica, the namesake Fuente de Cibeles, located in Mexico City and inaugurated in 1980.[1]


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