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Founders Fund is an American San Francisco-based venture capital firm investing in companies building revolutionary technologies. The firm invests at all stages across a wide variety of sectors, including aerospace, artificial intelligence, advanced computing, energy, health, and consumer Internet, with a portfolio that includes Airbnb, Knewton, Lyft, Spotify, Stripe, and ZocDoc. Founders Fund was the first institutional investor in Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and Palantir Technologies, and one of the earliest investors in Facebook. The firm’s four General Partners, Peter Thiel, Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, and Brian Singerman, have been founders and early employees of companies including PayPal, Google, Palantir Technologies, and SpaceX. Formed in 2005, Founders Fund had more than $3 billion in aggregate capital under management as of 2016.

Founders Fund
Venture fund
FoundedJuly 2005
HeadquartersLetterman Digital Arts Center
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Key people
Peter Thiel
Ken Howery
Luke Nosek
Brian Singerman
Cyan Banister
Lauren Gross
Geoff Lewis
Scott Nolan



Peter Thiel

The firm was organized by Peter Thiel, Ken Howery, and Luke Nosek in early 2005 and raised its first fund of $50 million from individual entrepreneurs and angel investors in January of that year. Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster and ex-president of Facebook, joined in 2006.[1] In 2007, the firm raised a new fund of $220 million.[2]

In 2010, the firm raised its third fund, with $250 million in committed capital,[3] and in 2011, a fourth fund with $625 million of committed capital was raised.[4][5]

In 2014, Founders Fund raised a $1 billion fifth suite of funds, bringing the firm's aggregate capital under management to more than $2 billion.[6]

In 2016, Founders Fund raised a sixth, $1.3 billion fund, bringing the firm's aggregate capital under management to more than $3 billion.[7]


As of the fall of 2014, the firm was made up of the following partners:

  • Peter Thiel, founder and former CEO and chairman of PayPal[8]
  • Ken Howery, founder and former CFO of PayPal[8]
  • Luke Nosek, founder and former vice president of PayPal[8]
  • Brian Singerman, creator of iGoogle[8]

Former partners included:


Unlike many venture capital funds in Silicon Valley, Founders Fund does not limit itself to Web 2.0 companies. According to its website,[13] Founders Fund invests in the following six areas:

Some of the firm's investments include Facebook, SpaceX, Spotify, Palantir Technologies, Airbnb, Lyft, Yammer, Stripe, 140 Proof, Knewton, Practice Fusion, Quantcast, Nanotronics Imaging, ZocDoc, Planet Labs, Pathway Genomics, Vicarious Systems, Flexport, Transatomic Power and Altschool.[14][13][15][16]


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