Fort James, Ghana

Fort James (alternatively referred to as James Fort) is a fort located in Accra, Ghana. It was built by the Royal African Company of England as a trading post for both gold and slaves in 1673,[1] where it joined the Dutch Fort Crêvecœur (1649), and the Danish Fort Christiansborg (1652) along the coast of the then Gold Coast.

Fort James
Part of British Gold Coast
Crevecoeur and James Fort.png
Fort Crèvecœur (left) and Fort James (right) in 1727.
Fort James is located in Ghana
Fort James
Fort James
Coordinates5°32′01″N 0°12′40″W / 5.5337°N 0.2111°W / 5.5337; -0.2111
Site history
Built1673 (1673)
Garrison information
OccupantsBritain (1673-1957)

Fort James was likely named after James, Duke of York, who was Governor of the RAC at the time it was built and after whom the adjacent town of Jamestown in Accra is also named.

The fort stands next to Jamestown Lighthouse and from the colonial era up to 2008, served as a prison.[2][3]

Current situationEdit

It is an historic castle and serves as a tourist site.[4]

The James fort is in a fairly good condition.[5]

James Fort, Accra, Ghana
Fort James
James Fort in Accra as seen from the beach in Jamestown


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