Fort Augustaborg was a Danish fort on the eastern Gold Coast in present-day Ghana, which was located about 15 km east of Fort Christiansborg near present-day Teshie.[1]

The ruins of Fort Augustaborg in the 1890s.

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The fort was named for Princess Louise Augusta of Denmark, the fort was constructed in 1787 to combat attacks from the Portuguese Empire.[2] It was also used as a post for the Atlantic slave trade.[3] Five years later, Denmark was the first European nation to abolish the slave trade.[4]

On 17 August 1850, the fort was one of five Danish forts purchased by Queen Victoria.[5]

After the independence of Ghana in 1957, the fort became owned by the new administration. Along with 32 other forts and castles along Ghana’s coast, Fort Augusaborg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[6]

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