Formula for a Murder

Formula for a Murder (Italian: 7. Hyden Park - La casa maledetta/ translation: 7 Hyde Park - The Cursed House) is a 1985 Italian giallo-horror film written and directed by Alberto De Martino (here credited as Martin Herbert).[1][2][3]

Formula for a Murder
Formula For a Murder.jpg
Directed byAlberto De Martino
Produced byFabrizio De Angelis
Written byAlberto De Martino
Vincenzo Mannino
StarringDavid Warbeck
Music byFrancesco De Masi
CinematographyGianlorenzo Battaglia
Edited byVincenzo Tomassi
Release date
  • 1985 (1985)
Running time
96 minutes


A teacher marries a traumatized, crippled woman who suffers from PTSD and is tormented by a traumatic event that happened in her past. As if she doesn't have enough problems, her husband is only marrying her to steal her money. One by one, people start turning up dead, as the murder plot unfolds.



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