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Formula Continental winner at 2010 SCCA National Championship Runoffs

Formula Continental is a single seater, open wheel racing class in motorsport. It replaced Formula C as an SCCA racing class. Formula Continental includes three types of cars.

The first are the traditional 1100cc Formula C cars (which have large wings, are allowed aerodynamic tunnels, and full race engines).

The second type is the Formula Ford 2000 (FF2000), which is a flat bottomed, steel tube frame open wheel car with smaller wings and a 2-litre engine derived from the steel blocked Ford Pinto or Ford Zetec engine.

The third type is the air-cooled variant of the Formula Super Vee, which used a 1600cc Volkswagen engine.

Currently, the vast majority of Formula Continental entrants are FF2000 cars.

Formula Continental at the SCCA National Championship RunoffsEdit

Year Driver Car
1979   Thomas Pomeroy Argo JM2
1980   Curtis Farley Argo JM2
1981   Jim Hickman Ralt RT5
1982   Terry McKenna Ralt RT5
1983   Terry McKenna Ralt RT5
1984   Terry McKenna Ralt RT5
1985   Louis Rettenmeier Ralt RT5
1986   Louis Rettenmeier Ralt RT5
1987   Louis Rettenmeier Ralt RT5
1988   Claude Bourbonnais Reynard 87SF
1989   Bobby Carville Reynard
1990   Craig Taylor Swift DB6
1991   Thomas Schwietz, Jr. Swift DB6
1992   Dave Weitzenhof Citation 88SF
1993   Sam Schmidt Van Diemen RF93
1994   Allen May Van Diemen RF94
1995   David Pook Van Diemen
1996   Justin Pritchard Van Diemen
1997   B.J. Zacharias Van Diemen
1998   Dave Weitzenhof Citation 88SF
1999   Mike Andersen Van Diemen RF97
2000   Tõnis Kasemets Mygale SJ99
2001   Mike Andersen Van Diemen RF00
2002   Andrew Prendeville Van Diemen RF01
2003   Mike Andersen Van Diemen RF00
2004   Brian Tomasi Van Diemen RF01
2005   Niki Coello Van Diemen RF01
2006   Niki Coello Van Diemen RF01
2007   Charles Shaffer Van Diemen RF00
2008   Niki Coello Van Diemen RF01
2009   Niki Coello Van Diemen RF01
2010   Brian Tomasi Van Diemen DP08
2011   Revere Greist Van Diemen DP07
2012   Gerry Szykulski Van Diemen DP08
2013   Peter Portante Van Diemen RF01
2014   Robert Allaer Van Diemen RF02
2015   Luo Yufeng Van Diemen DP08
2016   John LaRue Citation Snipe FC
2017   Austin McCusker Van Diemen RF02
2018   Jason Reichert Van Diemen RF03