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Forgotten New York is a website created by Kevin Walsh in 1999, chronicling the unnoticed and unchronicled aspects of New York City such as painted building ads, decades-old castiron lampposts, 18th-century houses, abandoned subway stations, trolley track remnants, out-of-the-way neighborhoods, and flashes of nature hidden in the midst of the big city.[1] In 2003, HarperCollins approached Walsh with the idea of turning the website into a book; Forgotten New York was published in September 2006.

Walsh released Forgotten Queens, a collaboration with the Greater Astoria Historical Society, in December 2013 on Arcadia Books, is currently working on a Forgotten NY e-book, and plans a Forgotten NY app. He is also currently working on other projects within the site as well, such as a Forgotten Boston website.

On March 2, 2015, the Guides Association of New York City awarded Forgotten New York its first Outstanding New York Website award.[2][3]

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