Foresta Fălticeni (also known as Foresta Suceava) was a Romanian professional football club from Fălticeni, Suceava County, Romania, founded in 1954 as Avântul Fălticeni and subsequently dissolved in 2003.

Foresta Fălticeni
Full nameForesta Fălticeni
GroundAreni, Suceava
Nada Florilor, Fălticeni



The club was founded in 1954 in Fălticeni under the name of Avântul Fălticeni.

Foresta was the first team representing Divizia C that played in a Romanian Cup final which was lost with 0–6 against Steaua București at the end of the 1966–67 season.[1][2]

In 1997, the club was moved to Suceava after it won the promotion to the Divizia A for the first time in history. The main reason for the move was the inadequate state of Foresta's stadium in Fălticeni, which was both small and had a cracked stand. Another reason for the move was, that the main team in the city, CSM Suceava had failed to achieve any notable performances during the previous decade.

During the 3 seasons it spent in the Divizia A, a notable match was played against Dinamo București in which Dinamo was leading with 4–0 in the 70th minute, only to see Foresta turn the tables on them and win 5–4 in the end. The man of those 20 minutes was Robert Niţă who scored 2 goals.

Before it was dissolved in 2003 it moved back to Fălticeni to play the last matches in its history there.[3][4][5]



Liga I:

Liga II

Liga III

Cupa României

Chronology of names

Name[6] Period
Avântul Fălticeni 1954–1956
Recolta Fălticeni 1956
Energia Fălticeni 1957
Foresta Fălticeni 1957–1982
Chimia Fălticeni 1982–1988
Foresta Fălticeni 1988–1997
Foresta Suceava 1997–2002
Foresta Fălticeni 2003

Former managers



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