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Being part of the Kingdom of Denmark, the foreign relations of Greenland are handled in cooperation with the Danish government and Government of Greenland.

Unlike Denmark, Greenland is no longer part of the European Union, the country changed its status to an OCT, a dependent territory that have a special relationship with a member state of the EU. However, Greenland remains a full member of the Council of Europe and NATO.

General aspects of diplomatic relationsEdit

With the Kingdom of Denmark having the responsibility for Greenland's international affairs, other countries do not have direct diplomatic representation in Greenland—their embassies or consulates in Denmark are responsible for their relations with Greenland and their citizens in Greenland. Greenland is represented internationally by the embassies and consulates of Denmark, although Greenland does directly participate in some Nordic organisations like the West Nordic Council and the Overseas Countries and Territories Association that provide membership for dependent territories.

Diplomatic representationsEdit

Greenland has several representative offices in several countries.

Another office is planned for Beijing.[4]

Disputes – internationalEdit

  • Qaanaaq (formerly Thule) is a sensitive area, due to the forced removal of the local population when establishing the base, handling of removal, compensation of the locals, later incidents aggravated the case.
  • Uncontested dispute with Canada over Hans Island sovereignty in the Kennedy Channel between Canadian Ellesmere Island and Greenland.

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