Foreign Languages Publishing House (Soviet Union)

The Foreign Languages Publishing House (Russian: Издательство иностранной литературы) was a state-run publisher in the Soviet Union that published Russian literature, novels, propaganda, and books about the USSR in foreign languages.[1] These included works by Lenin and Stalin.[1] It was headquartered in Moscow at 21 Zubovsky Boulevard. It was founded in 1946, and in 1964 it was split into separate publishers Progress and Mir.

Foreign Languages Publishing House
Foreign Languages Publishing House (Soviet Union).png
SuccessorProgress Publishers, Mir Publishers
Country of originSoviet Union
Headquarters location21 Zubovsky Boulevard, Moscow

Book seriesEdit

  • Arts Library
  • Books for Socialism
  • Classics of Russian Literature[2]
  • Library of Marxist–Leninist Classics
  • Library of Selected Soviet Literature
  • Library of Soviet Literature
  • Library of Soviet Short Stories
  • Men of Russian Science
  • Political Education Series
  • Soviet Arts Series
  • Soviet Children's Library for Tiny Tots[3]
  • Soviet Literature for Young People

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