Ford Duratec engine

Duratec is a brand name of the Ford Motor Company used for the company's range of gasoline-powered four-cylinder, five-cylinder and six-cylinder passenger car engines.

The original 1993 Duratec V6 engine was designed by Ford and Porsche.[1] Ford first introduced this engine in the Ford Mondeo. Over time, "Duratec" became an omnibus name for Ford's gasoline engines unrelated to the original V6. The Ford Zeta engine, Ford Sigma engine and Ford Cyclone engine all carry the Duratec name, but are otherwise unrelated to each other or the original 1993 Duratec V6. The ambiguous use of the name is similar to Ford's use of the Zetec for the previous generation of gasoline engines, the Duratorq name for diesel engines and EcoBoost for turbocharged gasoline engines.

Names referenceEdit

Name Family Displacements Year Features
Duratec 8v 60 PS Kent (Endura-E) 1.3 L (79.3 CID; 1299 cc) 1995–present OHV I4
Duratec 8v 70 PS Ford Sigma engine (Zetec RoCam) 1.3 L (79.1 CID; 1297 cc)
1.6 L (97.45 CID; 1597 cc)
2000–2014 SOHC I4
Duratec Ford Sigma engine 1.25 L  (1242 cc)
1.4 L  (1388 cc)
1.6 L  (1596 cc)
Duratec Ti-VCT Ford Sigma engine 1.5 L  (1499 cc) 2013–present
Duratec Ti-VCT Ford Sigma engine 1.6 L  (1596 cc) 2004–present
Duratec RS
Ford Zeta engine 2.0 L (122 CID; 1999 cc)
1998–2004 DOHC I4
Volvo Modular engine 2.5 L  (2521 cc) 2003–2010 turbocharged DOHC I5
Duratec Mazda L engine 1.8 L (110 CID; 1798 cc)
2.0 L (122 CID; 1999 cc)
2.3 L (138 CID; 2261 cc)
2.5 L (152 CID; 2488 cc)
2001–present DOHC I4
Duratec SCi Mazda L engine 1.8 L (110 CID; 1798 cc) 2003–2007 DOHC GDI I4 Ti-VCT
Duratec FFV
Mazda L engine 1.8 L (110 CID; 1798 cc)
2.0 L (122 CID; 1999 cc)
2005–present DOHC I4
Duratec-HE Ti-VCT Mazda L engine 2.0 L (122 CID; 1999 cc)
2010–present DOHC GDI I4
Duratec V6/VE/25 Ford Duratec V6 engine 2.5 L (155 CID; 2544 cc) 1993–2002 DOHC V6
Duratec 30 Ford Duratec V6 engine 3.0 L (181 CID; 2967 cc) 1996–2012 DOHC V6
Duratec 33 Ford Cyclone V6 Engine 3.3 L (204 CID; 3337 cc) 2018–present DOHC V6
Duratec 35 Ford Cyclone V6 Engine 3.5 L (213 CID; 3496 cc) 2006–present DOHC V6
Duratec 37 Ford Cyclone V6 Engine 3.7 L (227 CID; 3721 cc) 2008–present DOHC V6


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