Forcible Entry Act 1588

The Forcible Entry Act 1588 (31 Eliz 1 c 11) was an Act of the Parliament of the Kingdom of England.

The Forcible Entry Act 1588[1]
Long titleAn Acte for Explanacion or Declaracion of the Statute of Octavo Regis Henrici Sexti, concerninge forcible Entries & the Indictmentes therupon to be founde.[2]
Citation31 Eliz 1 c 11
Other legislation
Repealed byThe Criminal Law Act 1977, ss. 13(2)(d) & 65(5) & Sch. 13
Status: Repealed

Its purpose was to prevent the avoidance of the proviso to the Forcible Entry Act 1429. It provided that no restitution was to be made on an indictment for forcible entry against parties who had been in possession of the land for three years or more. It further provided that the fact of three or more years possession could be alleged in stay of restitution, on penalty of payment of costs if that fact was not proved.[3]

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  3. ^ This is how the statute is summarised in the two marginal notes to it in "The Statutes" referred to above.