Force of Impulse

Force of Impulse is a 1961 American drama film directed by Saul Swimmer and starring Robert Alda, Jeff Donnell and J. Carrol Naish.[1] A high school student robs his own father's grocery store in order to raise the money to take his girlfriend out.

Force of Impulse
Force of Impulse.jpg
Directed bySaul Swimmer
Screenplay byFrancis Swann
Story bySaul Swimmer
Tony Anthony
Richard N. Bernstein
Produced byPeter Gayle
Tony Anthony
StarringRobert Alda
J. Carrol Naish
Tony Anthony
Jeff Donnell
Jody McCrea
Lionel Hampton
Brud Talbot
Teri Hope
CinematographyClifford H. Poland Jr.
Edited byGene Milford
Music byJoseph Liebman
Gayle-Swimmer-Anthony Productons
III Task Productions
Distributed bySutton Pictures Corporation
Release date
November 1, 1961
Running time
84 minutes
CountryUnited States




Slightly in advance of the film's release, as was the custom of the era, a paperback novelization of the film was published by Popular Library. The author was renowned crime and western novelist Marvin H. Albert, who also made something of a cottage industry out of movie tie-ins. He seems to have been the most prolific screenplay novelizer of the late '50s through mid '60s, and, during that time, the preeminent specialist at light comedy.


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