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Food Factory is a Canadian television series produced by Cineflix airing in that country on the Food Network, and in the United States on FYI. The show features the industrial production lines of major food companies, mostly in Canada, but also in the United States, and occasionally in other countries.[1] It is co-narrated by Colleen Rusholme and Todd Schick.

Food Factory
Also known asFood Factory USA (2014-)
Country of originCanada
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes128
Running time30 minutes
Original networkFood Network (Canada)
Picture formatfrontal narrating
Original release30 August 2012 –
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Season 1 (2012)Edit

Episode Title Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
1 Warhol Soup Campbell's condensed vegetable soup Razzles Canadian whiskey Brioche
2 The Big Apple Spanikopita Ginger snaps Tartufo Apple juice
3 A Griller Thriller Chewy granola bars BBQ vegetable medleys Blue cheese Rice cakes
4 Pasta the Ice Cream Ice cream cones Sodapop Pasta Chewing gum
5 Smoking Salmon Cold smoked salmon Yogurt Ravioli Fresh garden salad
6 Sweet as Sugar Refined sugar Apple danishes Eggs Tortillas
7 Crunch Time Vodka mixers Italian pizzelle cookies Buffalo wings Super caramel crunch cake
8 Whipping It Up Pureed buttercup soup Aerosol whipped cream Lollipops Crab sticks
9 A Taste of India Crunchy chips Fav gulab jamun Almond biscotti Tofu
10 In a Jam Croissants Rhubarb strawberry jam Cranberry and orange stuffing Tomato sauce
11 From Toffee to Coffee Premium toffee Vegan-friendly pesto High-quality coffee Ice rocket lollipops
12 Pasta the Olives Stuffed olives Tortellini Cranberry pumpkin-seed baguettini Yogurt drinks
13 Holy Pierogy Cheesecake Pierogies Ice cream sandwiches Marmalade
14 Flour Power Cranberry-covered goat cheese Strawberry shortcake Ground wheat Pickled herring
15 Come Fly with Me Bagels Airplane food Sun Chips organic vegan carrot cake
16 Full Steam Ahead Rocket candy Pilsener beer Chocolate blueberries Roast duck
17 Going Crackers Freezies Parmesan cheese Banana chocolate chip bars Crostinis
18 Hot Potato Potatoes Gumballs Hot chocolate Barbecue ribs
19 Totally Tropical Roasted peanuts Mango smoothies Bocconcini cheese Vegan brownies
20 Mousse Hunting Blueberry cream cheese bagels Pot roast Spring water Lemon mousse cakes
21 Like Momma Makes Frozen pizza Spreadable butter Organic mushrooms Mini quiche Florentine
22 Hitting the Trail Yogurt Trail mix Organic sweet apple baby cookies Veggie burgers
23 Gone Fishing Rainbow trout Roasted cashews Sliced apples Peameal bacon
24 This Is Toast Wonder Bread Pralines Moroccan harira vegan soup Bagged ice
25 The Cream of the Crop Organic milk Chickpeas Samosas Mini éclairs
26 In the Hot House Tomatoes Muffins Candy Gnocchi

Season 2 (2013)Edit

Episode Title Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
1 (27) All You Cone Eat Waffles Doritos nachos Dark chocolate milk Cheesy Indian dessert
2 (28) Salty and Sweet Donuts Ice cream Korean kimchi Kosher salt
3 (29) All Bar Naan Garlic naan Cheese puffs Maple cookies Truffles
4 (30) Food Fortunes Salsa Ice cream sandwiches Oka cheese Fortune cookies
5 (31) Cut the Mustard Chocolate treats Health bars Orange bonbons a popular condiment
6 (32) Spring in Georgia Frozen yogurt Brie Spring rolls Sweet Georgia Browns
7 (33) Getting Saucy Tootsie Pops Pretzels Tiramisu Ketchup
8 (34) Tikka My Breath Away Gummy worms Tacos Curry Chocolate creme eggs
9 (35) From Sugar With Love Peppermint hard candies Flaky cheese straws Mango chutney Love hearts
10 (36) Double Trouble Sweet and spicy ginger beer Cheesy portable pizza pockets Tart and tangy double lollipops Addictive chocolate toffee nut clusters
11 (37) Colorful Candy Mike and Ikes Turkish Taffy Arizona iced green tea Shredded cheese
12 (38) Use Your Noodle Instant noodle soup Barbecue sauce Marshmallow chocolate cups Peanut butter chocolate Buckeyes
13 (39) Chee Cha Sambur Madras sambar an ancient Indian vegetable stew Lemony chocolate Moo Moo bars
14 (40) Fancy A Sausage Roll? Sausage rolls Easter treats Lollipops Korean dumplings
15 (41) Hill of Beans Candied pretzels Cornish pastries Korean dumplings Jellybeans
16 (42) Welch Rare-Bite Boston Baked Beans candy Welch's fruit yogurt snack
17 (43) The Name's Boondi Cake within a cake Indian snacks Sugar cookies Greek spinach twisters
18 (44) Abba Zaba Doo Burritos Bacon-fried rice Maraschino cherries Abba-Zaba candy bars
19 (45) The Rocky Road Dark rye bread Japanese ginger carrot dressing Chocolate vanilla cookies Rocky road chocolate bars
20 (46) Over the Rainbow Rainbow marshmallow squares Wasabi Meatless sausages Mini chocolate croissants
21 (47) Put the Kettle On Meringue cookies Mediterranean flatbread Jam-filled oat bars Crinkled potato chips
22 (48) Not Tonight Josephine Indian pakoras Napoleon bars Jalapeño hummus Sea-salted caramels
23 (49) Chip Off the Old Block Chocolate chip cookies Eggplant baba ghanoush Apple strudel Ranch dressing
24 (50) Where You Bean? Cherry cordials Mulled apple cider Four-bean medley Turtle cheesecake
25 (51) The House That Santa Built Gingerbread houses Fruitcake Belgian chocolate Santas Eggnog
26 (52) Yule Love This Yule logs Wildberry candy canes Shortbread Minty holiday bark

Season 3 (2013-2014)Edit

Episode Title Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D
1 (53) Smell the Coffee Jawbreakers Tim Hortons's coffee beans Empanadas Cocktail sauce
2 (54) From Candy to a Baby pistachio baklava Candy buttons Organic baby food Feta cheese
3 (55) Ice Cup of Tea Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream Earl Grey tea Tapenade Tutti-frutti lollipops
4 (56) Get Fruity Nitwitz fruit-shaped candy Popchips Mighty Malts Chicken soup
5 (57) Nuts About Brittle Wafer-thin peanut brittle Pigs in a blanket Montreal-style bagels Indian jalebi
6 (58) Snow and Ice Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream Twisted chocolate mint sticks Spicy pickled beans Snowball cookies
7 (59) A Chocolate Orange Chicken Bones candy Pastel de nata egg tart pastries Garlic cloves Break-apart chocolate oranges
8 (60) Sweet and Savory Miniature Clark Bars Deviled egg potato salad Puff pastry cheese bites Potato chip chocolate bars
9 (61) Fantastic Flavours Super-sour Warheads candies Faux Meat Veggies Maple Bacon Chocolate Pods Sauerkraut
10 (62) In A Pickle Pickles Fizzies Maple cream chocolates Bliss Balls
11 (63) '
12 (64) '
13 (65) '
14 (66) '
15 (67) '
16 (68) '

Season 4 (2014-15)Edit

Episode Title Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D Original air date
1 (69) Pop Goes the Cake Caramel 20 September 2014
2 (70) Staken not Stirred 20 September 2014
3 (71) Gold Bars 27 September 2014
4 (72) Pasta Straight Up 27 September 2014
5 (73) Everyday of Sundae 4 October 2014
6 (74) Viva Los Churros 4 October 2014
7 (75) Lights, Camera, Popcorn Blue Tortilla Chips Cinnamon Crumbettes Vegan Chocolate Cookies Microwave Popcorn 11 October 2014
8 (76) Fishing for Spuds 11 October 2014
9 (77) Crepe Escape 18 October 2014
10 (78) Green with Envy 18 October 2014
11 (79) My Cup Runneth Over 25 October 2014
12 (80) Cuckoo for Coconuts Lindt's Chocolate Bars Nanak Foods' Kaju Katli Lark Fine Foods' Russian Tea Cakes Soyummi Foods' Cogo Chai Smoothie 25 October 2014
13 (81) Pigging Out 1 November 2014
14 (82) Chocolate Under Wraps Lindt's Lindor Chocolates Garden Lites' Vegetable Muffins Just Born's Hot Tomales John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks 1 November 2014
15 (83) Let's Talk Tofurky Tofurkey Charmed Bar Shirley Temple Soda Brodman's Almonds and Flakes 8 November 2014
16 (84) Just the Flax Red Velvet Ice Cream Pumpkin Spice Granola Bars Chocolate Almond Butter Lemon Cookies 8 November 2014
17 (85) Pepper Party Peanuts Chocolate Vegetable Bars Stuffed Cream Cheese Jalapenos Montreal Steak Sauce 15 November 2014
18 (86) Ready For This Jelly Chocolate Coconut Nainamo Bars Fruit Ice Bars Soup Buns Jelly Candies 15 November 2014
19 (87) From Argentina With Love Chicken Pad Thai Kit Mints Chimmichurri Sauce Frozen Banana Pops 22 November 2014
20 (88) Juiced Up Orange Juice Pizza DIY Quit Jellybeans Cream Puffs 22 November 2014
21 (89) Working For Peanuts Peanut Butter Eggplant Parmesan Pistachios Chocolate bar 29 November 2014
22 (90) Miso Hungry Candied Almonds Bagelwich Smore Snack Mix Miso Soup Paste 29 November 2014
23 (91) Brine Time Chocolate Chips Snack Mix Pickles Packet Mushroom Soup 6 December 2014
24 (92) Pipe Dreams Tomato Sauce Yoghurt Tubes Candy Fruit Chews Tempeh 6 December 2014
25 (93) Easy As Pie Rice a Roni DIY Caesar Salad Kit Whole Foods Apple Pie Gluten Free English Muffins 13 December 2014
26 (94) Red Hot Delight Frank's Red Hot Shredded Wheat Coffee Chocolate Boiled Eggs 13 December 2014
27 (95) Midnight Munchies 11 April 2015
28 (96) Constant Cravings 11 April 2015
29 (97) Round the Globe 18 April 2015
30 (98) Over the Rainbow 18 April 2015
31 (99) Hot Stuff 25 April 2015
32 (100) Sugar Rush 25 April 2015
33 (101) Sweet as Honey 12 September 2015
34 (102) Sunny Side up 12 September 2015
35 (103) Noodling Around 19 September 2015
36 (104) Liquid Gold 19 September 2015
37 (105) Let Them Eat Caviar 3 October 2015
38 (106) You've Got Kete 3 October 2015
39 (107) Mint Condition 10 October 2015
40 (108) Smooth as Butter 10 October 2015

Season 5 (2015)Edit

Episode Title Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D Original air date
1 (109) Red Red Vine September 5, 2015
2 (110) Elbow Grease September 5, 2015
3 (111) Cut the Cheese September 26, 2015
4 (112) Snack Odyssey September 26, 2015
5 (113) Puffins N' Cream October 17, 2015
6 (114) Butter Up! October 17, 2015
7 (115) Easy as ABC November 7, 2015
8 (116) Drumroll Please November 7, 2015
9 (117) It's Bittersweet November 14, 2015
10 (118) Hurry and Ketchup! November 14, 2015

Season 6 (2016-17)Edit

Episode Title Segment A Segment B Segment C Segment D Original air date
1 (119) Backyard BBQ September 24, 2016
2 (120) Thanksgiving October 1, 2016
3 (121) The Big Game October 15, 2016
4 (122) Halloween October 22, 2016
5 (123) Love November 5, 2016
6 (124) Fiesta Night November 12, 2016
7 (125) Movie Night November 19, 2016
8 (126) Birthdays November 26, 2016
9 (127) Winter December 3, 2016
10 (128) Valentine's Day February 4, 2017[2]

Food Factory USAEdit

Between the original program's third and fourth seasons, the first season of Food Factory USA was produced for FYI and featured only U.S. factories. The style of the show, including the theme music, text graphics, and two narrators, is identical to the original three seasons of Food Factory. However, the format is somewhat different, catering to the demands of American programmers by eliminating one of the four segments to make room for more TV commercials, and putting those commercials in the middle of each of the three remaining segments instead of between them. In addition, each break is preceded by a trivia question related to the segment, whose answer is given following the break (similar to other series such as Pawn Stars). In the spring of 2015, a second season began airing on May 23, two at a time each week as with season four of Food Factory. The only noticeable difference is the use of graphical text in various colors (consistent within each episode), instead of the silvery grey used in all four previous seasons of the two series.

In the FYI telecasts, Food Factory USA also uses only English units, instead of the metric system measurements used in the original three Food Factory seasons. Those seasons, as seen on Food Network Canada (as well in the United States as FYI and its predecessor, Bio), used metric measurements in the narration, with the FYI broadcasts also including metric with English conversions in the graphics. As aired in the U.S., the fourth season of Food Factory has no metric units of any kind (narration, graphics, or captions), but the closed captioning still uses Canadian spelling.

Home FactoryEdit

Also in May 2015, a true spinoff began airing in the U.S. on FYI. Home Factory is nearly identical to the original series, except that its products are non-food items found in and around the home, ranging from towels and brooms to rubber ducks and lawn flamingos.

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