Font de Mussa Mosaic

The Mosaic de la Font de Mussa (Mosaic from the Source of Mussa, in English) is a Roman mosaic found in Benifaió (Ribera Alta, Land of Valencia) and that dates of the 1st or 2nd century.[1] It is located into the Museum of Prehistory of Valencia, where is one of the most highlighted pieces.[2]

Mosaic de la Font de Mussa
Faustulus - Mosaic de Font de Mussa - Museu de Prehistòria de València.JPG
Detail of the Mosaic, with Faustulus represented.
Yearapprox. 1st-2nd century Discovered in 2001 in Font de Mussa (Benifaió)
Dimensions550 cm × 425 cm (220 in × 167 in)
LocationPrehistory Museum of Valencia, Valencia

It is a mosaic of opus tessellatum decorated with tesselles of marble of 6 millimeters.[1]

It presents a central decoration polychromated showing figures that represent the shepherd Faustulus and his brother in front of a cave where there is a wolf that would suckle to Romulus and Remus.[1]


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