Folketeatret, Copenhagen

Folketeatret is a theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark. The theatre was founded in 1857, after an initiative from actor and theater director Hans Wilhelm Lange (1815-1873) who managed the theater until his death in 1873. Folketeatret is now operated as a part of the Københavns Teater in affiliation with the Betty Nansen Teatret, Østre Gasværk Teater and Nørrebros Theater.[1] [2] [3] [4]

Main entrance
Years active1857-present

History edit

Site history edit

The property in Nørregade belonged to Hof- og Stadsretten judge Hans Heger. He also operated a brewery on the site. He was the father of actor Stephan Heger and Hamma Rahbek. His property was listed in the new cadastre of 1806 as No. 45 in the North Quarter.

The present building in Nørregade (Nørregade 39) was built in 1822 for master jouiner Johan Wilhelm Benthien. In 1830, No. 45 was divided into three separate properties. The portion that faced Nørregade was merged with part of neighboring No. 46 to form No. 45 A og 46 C (norregade 39). The portion of No. 45 that faced Nørre Voldgade on the other side of the block was divided into No. 45 B (now Nørre Voldgade 48 ) and No. 45 C. (now Nørre Voldgade 46).

The Hippodrome edit

Plan of the Hippodrome.

In 1846, No. 45 A & 46 C was merged with part of No. 47 as No. 45 A, 46 C og 47 B. in 1845-1846, the complex was converted into a hippodrome by the architect Hans Conrad Stilling.

In 1949, Hippodromet played host to the so-cakked Hippodrome Meetings. They played a role in the events that lad to the adoption of the Constitution of Denmark.

Folketeatret edit

O, 1968, Hans Wilhelm Lange opened Folketeatret in the building.

Architecture edit

Plan of the complex.

Theatre directors edit

Folketeatret edit

Folketeatret opened in 1857.

References edit

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