Focus (Croatian political party)

Focus on the Important (Croatian: Fokus na bitno) or just Focus (Croatian: Fokus) is a minor political party in Croatia.[2] It was founded by independent politicians and entrepreneurs from the Zagreb County area.

Focus on the Important
Fokus na bitno
PresidentDavor Nađi
Founded27 March 2020 (2020-03-27)
Split fromHNS-LD
HeadquartersSavska cesta 41
Membership (2020)481[1]
Political positionCentre to centre-right
Colours  Light blue
  Dark blue
1 / 151
European Parliament
0 / 12
County Prefects
0 / 21
3 / 128


The First President of the party is Davor Nađi, at the time deputy mayor of Sveta Nedelja (previously a member for Croatian People's Party – Liberal Democrats, HNS–LD). The party elected Ivan Gulam, mayor of Pirovac (also formerly of HNS–LD), as Deputy Leader, and Dario Vrbaslija, president of the Slatina town council (ran locally as an independent, before that a member of Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ), as party Vice President.[2]

Focus first participated in the 2020 Croatian parliamentary elections in coalition with SIP (led by Dalija Orešković) and Pametno, with the alliance winning three seats in the Sabor, one each. The candidate elected from the Focus list was Dario Zurovec, mayor of Sveta Nedjelja, in District VII. Since December 2020, his seat is occupied by party leader Davor Nađi, who acts as deputy representative.[3]

The party also participated in the 2021 Croatian local elections, winning the mayoralties of Sveta Nedelja, Pirovac, and Križ in the first round.[4]

Political programEdit

The basic messages that the party advocates with its program are:[5]

Election resultsEdit


Election Coalition Votes % Seats +/– Government
Coalition totals Coalition totals
2020 SIP–Pametno 66,399 3.98 (6th)
3 / 151
  3 Opposition

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