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Flower Hill Cemetery (North Bergen, New Jersey)

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Flower Hill Cemetery is located in North Bergen, New Jersey.[1][2][3] It is cojoined with Hoboken Cemetery and Machpelah Cemetery.[4]

Flower Hill Cemetery
Louis Julius Freudenberg I (1894-1918) tombstone.jpg
CountryUnited States
Cemeteries on the western slope of the Palisades in northern Hudson County



In 1900, many who died in the fire of the SS Saale[5] and SS Bremen on the North River (Hudson River) at Hoboken were interred at the cemetery.[6] Some of the others who perished in the massive fire on the Hoboken piers in 1900 were buried at the adjacent cemeteries in gravesites purchased by the shipping company.[7]

Headstones of interest include those of American Civil War soldiers Decatur Dorsey and Christian Woerner, and the side-by-side headstones of World War I Army privates Horace Shields and Freeman Norris, who died just over a month apart in June and July 1949. One headstone regarded as among the most interesting is the faux tree-trunk of Frank and Sally Bello, who died in 1956 and 1992, respectively, and which was dedicated by their children. Among those regarded as the most poignant are the Guidotti plot and the Adolph Lankering Family Vault. The former includes a four-foot-tall headstone with a right-hand side column with a curled leaves etching. At the top of the column is depicted a tree branch cross and roses, and chiseled oval spaces for the four children, two of which are filled as of 2013.[8]

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