Florida State Road 121

State Road 121 (SR 121) is a major state highway that runs north and south in northern Florida. The road is part of a long multi-state route that also goes through Georgia and South Carolina.

State Road 121 marker
State Road 121
Route information
Maintained by FDOT
Length101.867 mi[1] (163.939 km)
Major junctions
South end US 19 / US 98 at Lebanon Station
Major intersections US 27 / US 41 in Williston
I-75 in Gainesville
I-10 in Macclenny
North end SR 23 / SR 121 near Stokesville, GA
CountryUnited States
Highway system
SR 120 SR 122

Route descriptionEdit

Beginning in Lebanon Station at a channelized intersection with US 19/US 98 and County Road 336 (CR 336) in Levy County, SR 121 travels through Goethe State Forest where it turns east and intersects CR 337. The road makes a sharp left curve to the northeast where it travels through desolate farmland; the only resemblance to a major intersection is CR 326. Within the city of Williston, SR 121 has a concurrency with CR 316, until the intersection with US 41. It then joins US 41 as CR 316 continues eastward, which then joins the east end of US 27 Alternate (US 27 Alt.), and then the US 27/US 41 concurrency before breaking away to the northeast again, taking the DeSoto Trail away from US 41.

North of CR 335, SR 121 hugs the west side of the Levy–Marion county line, but never crosses it, choosing to enter Alachua County instead. Immediately after the interchange with Interstate 75 (I-75) at exit 382, SR 121 makes a sharp left onto Northwest 34th Street as SR 331 becomes the designation for Williston Road. As it crosses SR 24 it borders the western edge of the University of Florida, passing along the 34th Street Wall just before crossing SR 26A and then SR 26. North of US 441, the DeSoto Trail breaks away.

After the intersection with CR 236 in Santa Fe, SR 121 is carried along bridges across the former Seaboard Coast Line railroad line to Crystal River 3 Nuclear Power Plant and Santa Fe River in Worthington Springs, where it intersects SR 18.

Briefly traveling parallel to SR 100 in Lake Butler, it intersects SR 100 as it continues northeast. The road also intersects SR 16 in Raiford, and I-10 (Exit 335) and US 90 in Macclenny close to SR 228 before crossing the Georgia state line on its way to South Carolina.


The segment between US 19 and 98 in Lebanon Station and US 41 in Williston was previously designated as Florida State Road 335, and the segment between US 27 and 41 in Williston, at what is today the south end of SR 331 was part of a southern extension of that route.[2]
State Road 23 was defined in the 1945 renumbering as:

  • From a point on SR 20 and SR 25 approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) northwest of Paradise in a northwesterly direction to the intersection with SR 235 in LaCrosse and along SR 235 for approximately 0.07 miles (0.11 km), then continuing northwesterly via Santa Fe to a junction with SR 18 at Worthington Springs and along SR 18 to a point approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) north of Worthington Springs, then northeasterly to a junction with SR 100 in Lake Butler and East on SR 100 to a point near the eastern city limits of Lake Butler then northeasterly via Raiford to a junction with SR 10 in Macclenny and along SR 10 to 5th Street then in a northerly direction along 5th Street to the St. Mary's River at the Georgia state line.

Prior to the renumbering, this had been:

At some point, SR 23 was renumbered as part of SR 121, probably to match Georgia State Route 121. Before that, however, SR 23 had been extended around the west side of Gainesville to end at US 441/SR 25 at Rocky Point, and the southernmost part did not become part of SR 121. It was later given to the county, and has a possibility of becoming County Road 23.[clarification needed]

The State Road 23 designation has since been reused for a partial beltway around Jacksonville.

In 1975, the City of Gainesville recommended a truck ban along SR 121 and established a truck route around downtown. In 1979. FDOT widened the road within the city, which included the creation of a retaining wall along the University of Florida Golf Course that has since become a target for graffiti artists. The truck ban was lifted in the early 1980s, but reestablished later in the decade after a series of fatal accidents.

Major intersectionsEdit

LevyLebanon Station0.000–
    US 19 / US 98 (SR 55) / CR 336 east – Inglis, St. Petersburg, Chiefland, Mobile
5.0868.185  CR 337 – Bronson
8.35413.444  CR 464 east
11.57318.625  CR 326 – Henry Beck Park
16.80827.050  CR 316 west (Northeast 20th Street)
17.95928.902  CR 335A north (Northeast 167th Court)
Williston20.22432.547   US 41 south (SR 45) / CR 316 east (Northeast 30th Street) – Morriston, Dunnellon, Tampasouth end of US 41 / SR 45 overlap
US 27 Alt. north (SR 500) – Bronson
south end of US 27 Alt. / SR 500 overlap
21.55934.696  US 27 south (Noble Avenue / SR 500) – Ocalanorth end of US 27 Alt. / SR 500 overlap; south end of US 27 overlap
21.97935.372   US 27 north / US 41 north (North Main Street / SR 45) – Archernorth end of US 27 / US 41 / SR 45 overlap
22.91436.877  CR 318A (Mixson Road / Northeast 50th Street)
23.88538.439  CR 331A south (Northeast 205th Street)
26.01841.872  CR 335 (Northeast 75th Street)
28.28445.519  CR 320 east
Alachua30.20548.610  CR 346 west
32.23151.871  CR 346A west (Southwest 137th Avenue)
Gainesville32.9853.08  I-75 (SR 93) – Lake City, Tampa, truck route to SR 24 west / SR 26 westI-75 exit 382
SR 331 north (Williston Road) to US 441 / US 301 – Gainesville, truck route to SR 121 north / SR 24 east / SR 26 east
SR 24 (Archer Road) to I-75 – Archer, Waldo
41.36966.577  SR 26A (Southwest 2nd Avenue)
41.48966.770  SR 26 (West University Avenue)
SR 222 (Northwest 39th Avenue) to I-75 – Orange Heights
45.29072.887  CR 232 (Northwest 53rd Avenue)
46.20074.352  US 441 (SR 20 / SR 25) – Alachua, Gainesville, truck route to SR 121 south
49.30379.345  CR 231 north
LaCrosse55.92289.998  SR 235 south – Alachuasouth end of SR 235 overlap
56.17690.407  SR 235 north – Brookernorth end of SR 235 overlap
56.51390.949  CR 1493 north
Santa Fe59.28195.404  
CR 236 west to I-75 – High Springs
61.62099.168  CR 239 south
UnionWorthington Springs62.703100.911  SR 18 east – Brooker
63.726102.557  CR 18 west – Fort White
Dukes65.622105.608   CR 18A east / CR 239A west
66.908107.678   CR 231A east / CR 796 west (Southwest 76th Street)
Lake Butler70.913114.123  SR 231 (Dr. M.L. King Jr. Avenue)
72.307116.367  SR 100 – Lake City, Starke
Johnstown76.748123.514  CR 237 south
Raiford78.752126.739  CR 229
SR 16 east to I-95 – State Prison, Starke, St. Augustine
83.245133.970  CR 125 south
Baker89.612144.217  CR 125 north – Glen St. Mary
91.524147.294  CR 130 west (Mud Lake Road)
Macclenny94.532152.135  CR 23A west (Woodlawn Road)
I-10 (SR 8) to I-95 – Lake City, Tallahassee, Jacksonville
I-10 exit 335
95.600153.853  CR 23A (Lowder Street)
96.259154.914  US 90 (Macclenny Avenue / SR 10) – Glen St. Mary, Baldwin
97.449156.829   CR 23B west / CR 228 east – Baker County Fair Grounds
99.829160.659  CR 23C (Steel Bridge Road)
101.380163.155  CR 23D west
101.867163.939   SR 23 north / SR 121 north – St. George, FolkstonContinuation to Georgia; Southern terminus of SR 23; Georgia state line (St. Marys River bridge)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Related routesEdit

Gainesville State Road 121 TruckEdit



State Road 121 Truck


Florida State Truck Route 121 in Gainesville, Florida was formed in the mid-1970s in order to divert trucks form the congested downtown areas of Gainesville.[3] The route begins at the intersection of State Road 121, Florida State Road 331 and Alachua County Road 23, removing the concurrencies with the SR 24 and 26 Truck Routes. At the intersection with U.S. Route 441, the routes are joined by a truck route of that route as well. The four truck routes run northeast along SR 331 and then curve to the north. SR 331 terminates at the east end of the overlap of SRs 20, 24, and 26, which also serves as the terminus of Florida Truck Routes 24 and 26. However US 441 Truck and Florida Truck Route 121 continue to the northeast until the intersection with Florida State Road 222. At this point, the truck routes turn west overlapping SR 222 and intersection Florida State Road 20. US Truck Route 441 terminates at the intersection of SR 222 and US 441, while Florida Truck Route 121 makes a right turn and follows US 441 northbound until the intersection with its parent route.

County Road 121AEdit


County Road 121A


County Road 121A is the sole suffixed alternate of SR 121 that exists within the State of Florida. It is a former segment of SR 121 that exists entirely in LaCrosse. The route is unmarked, and runs along the east side of SR 121 south of downtown to halfway between the SR 121/235 overlap across from the LaCrosse Post Office.


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