Flag of The Hague

The flag of The Hague was on established on December 2, 1920 by a decision of the municipal government of The Hague. In 1920, it was decided that the flag would consist of two equal stripes of green and yellow. On March 28, 1949 the colors were modified. The order of the colors was reversed and the hue of the green stripe was changed.[1]

Flag of The Hague since 1949
Flag of The Hague between 1920 and 1949

Unofficial first flagEdit

Flag of The Hague until 1920

In 1857, the mayor of The Hague announced to the Minister of Interior that the colors of the flag would be black and yellow, equal to the color of the Coat of arms of The Hague. This flag has however never been officially established.[1]


Logo of The Hague

The football club ADO Den Haag uses a rotated version of the flag in their logo. The logo of The Hague uses the colors of the flag since 2013.

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