Flag of Sint Eustatius

The flag of Caribbean Netherlands island of Sint Eustatius (Statia) consists of a blue field, red fimbriations, and in the center, a white diamond with a silhouette of the island. The flag was designed by Zuwena Suares[1] and adopted on 29 July 2004[2] to be put into use on 16 November of that year (Statia Day). Since 2010, it has been the official flag of the special municipality of Sint Eustatius.[2]

The flag of Sint Eustatius
Roosevelt Plaque in Oranjestad, Sint Eustatius; Sint Eustatius flag is visible at upper right


The flag is rectangular with the colors blue, red, white, gold and green, and divided in four five-sided blue polygons, each fimbriated red.[1][3] In its center is a diamond-form white field; in the diamond is the silhouette of the island in green.[1] In the center in the top of the diamond is a five-pointed golden/yellow star.[1][a]

The colours of the flag each have their own meaning.[1] The gold star represents unity, the four blue polygons represent the ocean that surrounds St. Eustasius, the Green shows the Quill, the red represents the Delonix regia, a flamboyant tree which was used by slaves to celebrate Emancipation Day, the white diamond in the center represents a once diamond water fall which is referred to in the national anthem, "Golden Rock".[1]


  1. ^ The island's flag law refers to both the color "gold/yellow" (goud/geel) and "a golden star" (een gouden ster).[4]


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