Flag of Northamptonshire

The Northamptonshire flag is the official flag of the English county of Northamptonshire. It was registered by the Flag Institute on 11 September 2014, the design being a gold cross fimbriated in black on a maroon background with a rose in the centre.

Flag of Northamptonshire.svg
Adopted11 September 2014
DesignGold cross fimbriated in black on a maroon background with a rose in the centre
Designed byBrady Ells and Ian Chadwick

Flag designEdit

The flag was designed by Brady Ells and Ian Chadwick and consists of a gold cross fimbriated in black on a maroon field and a rose in the centre.[1] It was the winning design of a shortlist of four put forward for a public vote.[2] The cross represents the county's location as a crossroads in England, the colours were inspired by the county's cricket team and county town's football team, and the black border represents the county's leather industry.[3][4] A rose was selected for the centre as it has long been a symbol for the county. The rose design was created based on research into roses used in the past to represent the county, and a final design included elements of these historic depictions.[1][4]


The flag was unveiled at a special ceremony at the Northamptonshire County Hall by Northamptonshire County Council.[5] It was raised above the building on 25 October 2014 to coincide with the newly created County Day, held on St Crispin's Day.[4]


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