Flag of Mari El

The flag of Mari El, a federal subject and republic in the Russian Federation, was adopted by the Parliament of Mari El on 1 June 2011.

Mari El
Flag of Mari El.svg
Adopted1 June 2011
DesignA white field with a ornament pattern on the hoist and the Mari coat of arms offset to the right.
Designed byAndrey Sannikov
Flag of Mari ASSR.svg
Flag of the Mari ASSR
Adopted24 October 1978
DesignVariant of the flag of the Russian SFSR with "Mari ASSR" written in the Russian and Mari languages below the hammer and sickle.
Designed byValentin Viktorov


The Flag of Mari El is a rectangular cloth with a width to length ratio of 2:3, divided horizontally into three bands: upper - blue, medium - white, bottom - dark red, in the ratio 3:4:3. In the white stripe a dark red Mari cross is placed, with a height of 1 / 3 the height of the flag.

The symbol of the flag is a bear. The crown and the sword on the flag symbolizes nationhood and power, respectively. The base of the emblem is a shield which contains a sign which was there on the previous flag.

Previous flagsEdit

Within the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the flag adorned the Russian SFSR flag with the republic's name on the bottom.

From 1992 to 2006, Mari El used a different flag. This flag had the horizontal bars in the ration 1:2:1, and below the Mari cross the republic's name was written.