Flag of Manchukuo

The flag of the Empire of Manchuria had a mustard yellow field with four horizontal stripes of different colors in the upper-left corner. The colors of the flag were based on the colors on the Five Races Under One Union flags used by the Beiyang government and the Empire of China. The flag was first established in Announcement of National Flag on March 1, 1932.[1]

Flag of Manchukuo.svg
Name National flag of Manchukuo.
UseCivil and state flag, civil ensign
AdoptedMarch 1, 1932
RelinquishedAugust 17, 1945
War Ensign of Manchukuo.svg
Variant flag of Manchukuo
NameManchukuo War Flag and Naval Ensign.
UseWar flag and naval ensign
Flag of the Emperor of Manchukuo.svg
Variant flag of Manchukuo
NameFlag of the Emperor of Manchukuo.


According to the Document of the Explanation of National Flag issued by state council of Manchukuo on February 24, 1933, the colours on the flag represent the four directions and center.[2] The Study of Manchukuo National Flag published by state council of Manchukuo later also gave an representative based on Wu Xing.[3]

  • Yellow represents the Center, symbolizes the rule of emperor of four directions and virtue of Ren in Confucianism, also Earth in Five Elements.
  • Red represents the South, symbolizes passion and courage, also Fire in Five Elements.
  • Blue represents the East, symbolizes youthfulness and holiness, also Wood in Five Elements.
  • White represents the West, symbolizes purity and justice, also Gold in Five Elements.
  • Black represents the North, symbolizes will and determination, also Water in Five Elements.[4]

The colours also represent the five major peoples in Manchukuo:

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