Flag of Madagascar

The flag of Madagascar (Malagasy: sainan'i Madagasikara; French: drapeau de Madagascar) was adopted on 14 October 1958,[1] two years before the independence of that nation, as Madagascar prepared for a referendum on its status in the French Community.

Flag of Madagascar.svg
UseNational flag and ensign
Adopted14 October 1958
DesignTwo horizontal bands of red and green with a white vertical band on the hoist side
Presidential Standard of Madagascar.svg
Variant flag of Madagascar
UsePresidential standard
DesignThe National flag with the Seal of Madagascar in the center of the tri-point with the initials "R. M." in the canton.

The colors of the flag represent Madagascar's history and traditional peasant classes.[1] Red and white were the colors of the Merina kingdom, which succumbed to France in 1896. They were used in the flag of the last Merina monarch, Queen Ranavalona III. They may indicate the ethnic origins of the Malagasy people in Southeast Asia, and are shared by the flag of Indonesia. Green was the color of the Hova, the largest class of peasant commoners, who played a significant role in anti-French agitation and the independence movement.

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