Flag of Kyiv

The Flag of Kyiv was approved by the Kyiv City Council on 25 May 1995, at the behest of the then head of the Kyiv City Council of People's Deputies Leonid Kosakovsky.

Flag of Kyiv
Flag of Kyiv Kurovskyi.svg
UseCivil and state flag
Adopted25 May 1995
DesignA azure field with a yellow border with Archangel Michael centered on the flag.
The Kyiv flag variant with the image of the Archangel of G. Kurovsky
The Kyiv flag variant with the image of the Archangel of Y. Solominsky
O. Rudenko's design of flag with the Coat of Arms in the center

On 27 May 1995, the flag was first raised solemnly above the main entrance to the Kyiv City Council.[1]

The flag of 1995 looks like an azure piece of fabric. The patron Saint of Kyiv Archangel Michael who holds a flaming sword in his right hand and an oval shield with a cross on it in his left, is depicted on the flag. The flag panel has a yellow border.


In 1995 a resolution of the Kyiv City Council (36 deputies voted for) has returned the Coat of arms of Kyiv of the times of Russian Empire — stylised representation of Archangel Michael, and adopted the flag of the city.[2]

The design firms in charge of the new flag first produced designs with the image of the Archangel in G. Kurovsky's variant, and later, for unknown reasons, in the variant of Y. Solominsky.

In March 2009, a working group at the Kyiv City Council drafted a new look for the capital's flag. The Coat of Arms of Kyiv is placed in its center. However, this design has not received further approval.

Description of the flag designEdit

The Flag., The flag of the capital of Ukraine – the hero city of Kyiv is a blue rectangular panel with a 2: 3 aspect ratio with the Coat of Arms of the city placed in the centre. The height of the Coat of Arms is 2: 3 the width of the panel. Both sides of the panel are identical.[3]

Colour standardisationEdit

Colour model Blue Yellow White Magenta
RGB rgb(0,91,187) rgb(212,175,55) rgb(255,255,255) rgb(242,1,108)
CMYK 100, 51, 0, 27 0, 17, 74, 17 0, 0, 0, 0 0, 100, 55, 5
HEX #005bbb #d4af37 #FFFFFF #f2016c
Websafe #0066cc #cc9933 #FFFFFF #ff0066
Colour model Dark Blue Yellow Brown White Red Beige
RGB rgb(14,38,116)[4] rgb(180,153,0) rgb(89,34,19) rgb(255,255,255) rgb(128,0,0) rgb(255,225,171)
CMYK 88, 67, 0, 55 0, 15, 100, 29 0, 62, 79, 65 0, 0, 0, 0 0, 100, 100, 50 0, 12, 33, 0
HEX #0e2674 #b49900 #592213 #FFFFFF #800000 #ffe1ab
Websafe #003366 #cc9900 #663300 #FFFFFF #990000 #ffcc99

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