Flag of Kuban

The flag of Kuban is a horizontal tricolour of blue, purple, and green. The purple band is twice the width of the other two. The flag was adopted by Kuban Parliament on 10 February 1919 as the national and state flag of the Kuban People's Republic. The colours symbolise unity of three principal social-ethnic groups of Kuban society: majority - Cossacks /purple/, autochthonous - Circassians (Adyghe) /green/, and minority - all others (non-Cossacks and non-Circassians) /blue/.

Flag of Kuban People's Republic.svg
UseNational flag and civil ensign
Adopted10 February 1919
DesignBlue-purple-green triband, ratio of stripes 1+2+1.

The flag of Krasnodar Krai has identical colours, but is charged with a golden coat of arms in the center.