Flag of Chernihiv Oblast

The flag of the Chernihiv Region,[1] Ukraine is the official flag of the Ukrainian province of Chernihiv. It was designed by I. Sytyi, A. Hrechylo and I. Pavlenko, and officially adopted by the resolution of a regional council on July 11, 2000.

Flag of Chernihiv Oblast. Ratio: 2:3

The flag is a rectangular green panel with an aspect ratio of 2:3, the middle of which is a white horizontal stripe (width 1/5 of the flag's width), and in the upper pole of the white square shows the emblem area. Green stripes on the flag represent the Polissya and white line - the Desna River.

Emblem of the field - in a silver box black double-headed eagle with red claws and tongue, golden eyes and arms (beaks and claws) on their heads - open gold crown, in each chest there is blue shield with a gold edge - the golden mark of Prince Mstislav Volodimirovich, founder of the Grand Duchy of Chernigov.


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