List of First and Principal Naval Aides-de-Camp

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Below is a list of First and Principal Naval Aides-de-Camp, an office established by William IV of the United Kingdom in 1830:

First and Principal Naval Aides-de-CampEdit

Sir George Zambellas was appointed First and Principal Naval Aide-de-Camp at the same time as his appointment as First Sea Lord. Aiguilettes on the right shoulder are the insignia of an Aide-de-Camp.

Since 1972, the office has been united with that of First Sea Lord.[4]

Flag aide-de-campEdit

Flag aide-de-camp is the designation given to the next most senior naval aide-de-camp after the First and Principal Naval ADC. Between 1972 and 2012, the Commander-in-Chief Naval Home Command invariably held this appointment (from 1994-2012 the post of Commander-in-Chief Naval Home Command, and with it the office of Flag aide-de-camp, was united with the job of Second Sea Lord).[5] In October 2012 the post of Commander-in-Chief Naval Home Command was abolished and the current status of the appointment of Flag aide-de-camp is unclear. The 2017 Navy Directory[6] does not list any such person among the aides-de-camp.


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