Flügel, Flugel or Fluegel (which means wing in German) may refer to:



  • Flugel, the "wing" or tenor joint of the Bassoon
  • Flugel, short for the Flugelhorn
  • Name for the harpsichord in the 18th and early 19th centuries
  • Name for the pianoforte in the late 19th century


  • Der Flügel, a far-right faction within the political party Alternative for Germany
  • Yokohama Flügels (横浜フリューゲルス Yokohama Furyūgerusu), a former Japanese soccer club (1964-1998)
  • In fiction, more particularly Japanese Dungeons and Dragons-style fiction, the Flugel is a race of winged people, similar to Angels but often depicted more as Fallen Angels and Mortal Angels, with black, multicoloured and rarely white wings. These are not to be confused with Fallen Angels (also known as Demons) in Western fiction.