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Chikyu Sentai Fiveman (地球戦隊ファイブマン, Chikyū Sentai Faibuman)[Note 1] is a Japanese Tokusatsu television series. It was TOEI Company Limited's fourteenth installment of the Super Sentai metaseries. It aired on TV Asahi from March 2, 1990 to February 8, 1991, with a total of 48 episodes. The name given by Toei for international distribution is Sky Rangers.[1]

Chikyu Sentai Fiveman
Title Screen
Superhero fiction
Created byToei
Written byHirohisa Soda
Mami Watanabe
Kunio Fujii
Toshiki Inoue
Directed byTakao Nagaishi
Masao Minowa
Kiyoshi Arai
Shohei Tojo
StarringToshiya Fuji
Kei Shihidachiya
Ryohei Kobayashi
Kazuko Miyata
Keiko Hayase
Narrated byEiichi Onoda
Opening theme"Chikyu Sentai Fiveman" by Kenji Suzuki
Ending theme"Fiveman, Theme of Love" by Kenji Suzuki
Composer(s)Akihiko Yoshida
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes48
Producer(s)Takeyuki Suzuki
Kyōzō Utsunomiya
Running time20 minutes
Original networkTV Asahi
Original releaseMarch 2, 1990 –
February 8, 1991
Preceded byKousoku Sentai Turboranger
Followed byChōjin Sentai Jetman


In 1970, Doctor Hoshikawa was researching how to transform the planet Sedon into a green, lush world, testing it by attempting to grow flowers. On the day the first flower bloomed, the Zone Empire launched an assault on the planet, separating him and his wife from their five children. Arthur G6 took the five children back to Earth and raised them.

Twenty years later, the five are now teachers at the same school. The Zone Empire now prepares to invade Earth as its thousandth target and as they begin the attack, three vehicles appear and counter the offensive. Five warriors descend from the vehicles and confront Zone.

The Hoshikawa siblings have been developing the Fiveman technology and training hard upon the possibility of Zone invading Earth. Now the five siblings are ready to battle with the familiar foes as Fiveman.



The Fivemen siblings, from left to right: Five Red, Five Blue, Five Black, Five Pink, and Five Yellow

The Fivemen are five siblings of the Hoshikawa family (three brothers and two sisters), separated from their parents during a sudden Zone attack, sent to board a ship along with Arthur G6 to be raised and learn of the Fiveman technology. They pose as teachers at New Town School, planting a garden of Sidon Flowers which they brought from planet Sidon.

  • Gaku Hoshikawa (星川 学, Hoshikawa Gaku)/Five Red (ファイブレッド, Faibu Reddo): He is the eldest and leader of the team at 27 years old. He is a Science teacher skilled in kendo. He was 7 at the time of the Zone's attack on Sidon. Calm and responsible, he had the task of raising his four younger siblings along with Arthur G6, making him not just a big brother but also a leader and a parental figure. Out of fear, he fired a gun at Garoa's face, scarring him, creating a rivalry between the two. Even though he is a reliable and brave leader, he has a major weakness with the supernatural.
    • His helmet has the science symbol (an atom) on the front, and the triangle-shaped visor having no stripes indicates him being the first member.
    • Weapons: V Sword (Vソード, Bui Sōdo), V Shuttler (Vシャトラー, Bui Shatorā)
    • Attacks: V Sword Spark (Vソードスパーク, Bui Sōdo Supāku)
  • Ken Hoshikawa (星川 健, Hoshikawa Ken)/Five Blue (ファイブブルー, Faibu Burū): The second born at 25 years old. He is a Physical education teacher skilled in judo. The subleader of Fiveman. He is extremely passionate in everything he does, relies more in the body combat than in weapons. He even taught one of his students the meaning of courage by defeating a foe without transforming.
    • His helmet has a P.E. symbol (loosely derived from the swimming symbol) on the front, and the white horizontal stripe splitting the diamond-shaped visor into two parts indicates him being the second member.
    • Weapons: Twin Arrays (ツインアレイ, Tsuin Arei), Twin Yo-Yos (ツインヨーヨー, Tsuin Yōyō) Twinrisbees (ツインリスビー, Tuinrisubī)
    • Attacks: Rolling Arrays (ローリングアレイ, Rōringu Arei)
  • Fumiya Hoshikawa (星川 文矢, Hoshikawa Fumiya)/Five Black (ファイブブラック, Faibu Burakku): The fourth born, youngest son and twin brother of Remi at 20 years old. He is a Japanese teacher skilled in karate. He has a wide range knowledge of various languages, even alien ones. Despite this, he tends to be childish and reckless. He and Remi were only 1 year old during the attack on Sidon, therefore they continuously suffer for not remembering their parent's faces.
    • His helmet has 言語 (Kengo) (the kanji for "language") on the front, and two white diagonal stripes forming a "V" and splitting the half-circle-shaped visor into three parts indicates him being the third member.
    • Weapons: Power Cutter (パワーカッター, Pawā Kattā), Black Jaws (ブラックジョー, Burakku Jō), Cutter Discs (カッターディスク, Kattā Disuku)
    • Attacks: Screw Cutter (スクリューカッター, Sukuryū Kattā)
  • Kazumi Hoshikawa (星川 数美, Hoshikawa Kazumi)/Five Pink (ファイブピンク, Faibu Pinku): The third born and oldest daughter at 23 years old. She is a Math teacher skilled in fencing. Calm and intelligent, she can analyze and calculate with her "computer like" brain. She was three years old at the time of the attack on Sidon and remembers nothing but fear which she had to overcome to do battle with Zone as an adult. Protective and caring, she is a maternal figure to Fumiya and Remi.
    • Her helmet has a unique math symbol (a combination of the addition, multiplication and division symbols) on the front, and three white horizontal stripes splitting the heart-shaped visor into four parts indicates her being the fourth member.
    • Weapons: Cutie Circle (キューティーサークル, Kyūtī Sākuru), Circle 'Puter (サークルピュータ, Sākuru Pyūta)
    • Attacks: Circle Finish (サークルフィニッシュ, Sākuru Finisshu)
  • Remi Hoshikawa (星川 レミ, Hoshikawa Remi)/Five Yellow (ファイブイエロー, Faibu Ierō): The twin sister of Fumiya and the youngest of the Hoshikawa siblings at 20 years old. A music teacher skilled in kung fu. She is disastrous at housekeeping and cleaning tasks which she leaves to either Kazumi or Arthur. She has excellent rhythm and musical senses, she is also a rhythmic gymnast and dancer, which she applies to her fighting. She teaches children kung-fu in her spare time. In episode 4, she got drunk when water was turned into alcohol, yet she fought using the Drunken Fist and defeated the galactic warrior. During the events of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, she appeared and granted the Greater Power of the Fiveman to the Gokaigers. She would appear in the final episode of the series receiving the Five Yellow Ranger Key as the Gokaigers depart Earth.
    • Her helmet has a musical note on the front, and four white horizontal stripes splitting the pentagon-shaped visor into five parts indicates her being the fifth member.
    • Weapons: Melody Tact (メロディータクト, Merodī Takuto), Yellow Flute (イエローフルート, Ierō Furūto)
    • Attacks: Tact Attack (タクトアタック, Takuto Atakku)


  • V-Changer (Vチェンジャー, Bui Chenjā): Fiveman's transformation devices. The individual Fivemen transform by shouting out their code names (Five (color) (ファイブ(カラー), Faibu (Karā))), while the gathered team shouts the team name. Gaku, Ken, and Fumiya have V-Changer Braces (wristband changers). Kazumi and Remi have V-Changer Compacts (pendant changers).
  • Five Blaster (ファイブラスター, Faiburasutā): The sidearms of the team, which transform from a gun to a sword with a detachable V Power Grip (Vパワーグリップ, Bui Pawā Gurippu), which can modify each Fiveman's assigned weapon:
    • V Shuttler (Vシャトラー, Bui Shatorā): Five Red's shortened V-Sword.
    • Twin Risbees (ツインリスビー, Tsuin Risubī): Five Blue's Twin Array that has been separated into Frisbees.
      • Twin Yo-Yos (ツインヨーヨー, Tsuin Yōyō): Shrunken Twin Risbees.
    • Black Jaw (ブラックジョー, Burakku Jō): Five Black's transformed Power Cutter.
    • Circle Puter (サークルピュータ, Sākuru Pyūta): Five Pink's transformed Cutie Circle.
    • Yellow Flute (イエローフルート, Ierō Furūto): Five Yellow's transformed Melody Tact.
  • Five Tector (ファイブテクター, Faibu Tekutā): An armor developed by Ken composed of Shoulder Guards, Arm Shields, and Power Leggers. All this increases strength fivefold.
  • Earth Cannon (アースカノン, Āsu Kanon): When needed, Arthur would fly from Magma Base to the Fiveman and transform into Earth Cannon. The Fiveman shout "Ready! Target Lock! Fire!" (レディ! ターゲットロック! ファイア!, Redi! Tāgetto Rokku! Faia!) and as Arthur shouts "Go!! (ゴー!!, Gō!!) fires a 10,000 degree fire beam. Earth Cannon cannot be used if the five are not together.
  • Super Five Ball (スーパーファイブボール, Sūpā Faibu Bōru): As with Gorenger's "Gorenger Storm" or Sun Vulcan's "Vulcan Ball", this weapon is a ball-shaped bomb which the Fiveman pass to each other, storing energy and kicking them towards the enemy. Five Red is primarily the one to finish this technique, though the others have occasionally done so as well.
  • Brother Attack (ブラザーアタック, Burazā Atakku): This is the first finishing technique of the Fivemen. At the voice of Five Red saying "Sibling Warrior's Brother Attack!!", Five Yellow ties the enemy with the Melody Tact and the rest attack in order with their special weapon, finishing with a blow of Five Red's V-Sword.


  • Hawk Arrows (ホークアロー, Hōku Arō): Fivemen's motorcycles numbered 1 through 5. They reach speeds of 330 kilometers per hour and are equipped with Hawk Cannons.
    • Hawk Arrow 1 (ホークアロー1号, Hōku Arō Ichi-gō): Five Red's motorcycle.
    • Hawk Arrow 2 (ホークアロー2号, Hōku Arō Ni-gō): Five Blue's motorcycle.
    • Hawk Arrow 3 (ホークアロー3号, Hōku Arō San-gō): Five Black's motorcycle.
    • Hawk Arrow 4 (ホークアロー4号, Hōku Arō Yon-gō): Five Pink's motorcycle.
    • Hawk Arrow 5 (ホークアロー5号, Hōku Arō Go-gō): Five Yellow's motorcycle.
  • Hover Star II (ホバスター2号, Hobā Sutā Ni-gō): A single hovercraft used by the Fivemen. The number is 0.


  • Five Robo (ファイブロボ, Faibu Robo): It forms with Sky Alpha (piloted by Five Red), Carrier Beta (piloted by Five Black and Five Yellow) and Land Gamma (piloted by Five Blue and Five Pink) when the command "Combine! Triple Joint!" (合体!トリプルジョイント!, Gattai! Toripuru Jointo!) is given. Its main weapon is the Super Dimension Sword (超次元ソード, Chō Jigen Sōdo) and it destroys monsters with its finishing attack Single and Double Five Crash (身グル&ダブルファイブークラッシュ, Shinguru Tai Daburu Faibu Kurasshu). Its other weapons are the Five Cannons and the Twin Shotguns. It can also form the Five Trailer (ファイブトレーラー, Faibu Torērā). It was badly damaged in episode 44 along with the Star Five when the giant robot Big Garoan defeated the Super Five Robo. It returned in episode 47 to fight Black Gorlin.
    • Sky Alpha (スカイアルファ, Sukai Arufa): It can transform to a tractor cab when the Five Trailer is being formed. It has Alpha Lasers as its weapons. It forms the head and body of the Five Robo. It appeared again in Gaoranger vs Super Sentai.
    • Carrier Beta (キャリアベータ, Kyaria Bēta): It is armed with the Beta missiles. It forms the majority of the Five Trailer's trailer unit and the legs of the Five Robo (Five Black's half is the right, and Five Yellow's half, the left).
    • Land Gamma (ランドガンマ, Rando Ganma): It has Gamma Cannons as its weapons. It forms the tail end of the Five Trailer's trailer unit and the arms of the Five Robo (Five Blue's half is the right and Five Pink's half, the left).
  • Star Five (スターファイブ, Sutā Faibu): Fiveman's second robot that transforms from a spacecraft called the Star Carrier (スターキャリア, Sutā Kyaria). When the command "Transformation! Star Round!" (変形! スターラウンド!, Henkei! Sutā Raundo!) is given, the sides become the lower legs, with the landing wheels as the back. The rear of the underside forms the upper legs, the cockpit forms the shield, gun, and back, and the frontal underside becomes the arms. It destroys monsters with its main weapon, the Star Gun (スターガン, Sutā Gan). The Star Five can also suspend enemies in the air with its Star Hang Beam. It forms the helmet, body, arms and lower legs of the Super Five Robo. This ship is built by Doctor Hoshikawa to use it when returning to Earth. It was stolen by Gunther but eventually given back to the Fivemen. It was heavily damaged in episode 44 when the giant robot Big Garoan defeated the Super Five Robo. It returned in episode 46 to battle the monster Rose / Dolgin.
  • Super Five Robo (スーパーファイブロボ, Sūpā Faibu Robo): The combination of the Five Robo and the Star Five into a powerful robot. The two robots combine when the command "Combine! Super Brother Joint!" (合体! スーパーブラザージョイント!, Gattai! Sūpā Burazā Jointo!) is given. The Star Five's lower legs becomes the Super Five Robo's foot and lower legs, what increases the robot's size to roughly 1.4 times the Five Robo's size. The upper legs, along the back landing wheels forms the arms (despite the fact of his hands seems to be "real", closed hands in the series, and not the Star Five's four-segmented upper legs like in the toy). The Star Five's arms and body makes the body armor (with the Star Five's cabin as the chest) and the helmet. The Star Five's shield and gun components do not join in the formation. It is armed with the Jet Knuckles (ジェットナックル, Jetto Nakkuru), Super Five Beam, and it destroys monsters with its ultimate finishing attack, the Super Vector Punch (スーパーベクトルパンチ, Sūpā Bekutoru Panchi). It was first used to destroy the monster Bar-rugin. It was temporarily destroyed in episode 44 by the giant robot Big Garoan, but it returned at episode 47. It was the last standing force to destroy Vulgyre in the end.
    • Magma Base (マグマベース, Maguma Bēsu): The command center and living quarters of the Hoshikawas. Built by Doctor Hoshikawa, it was used to travel to Sidon and later to escape from there. It launched the other mecha when necessary, and has a powerful defense system with multiple weapons. It was destroyed by Vulgyre with ease.
  • Max Magma (マックスマグマ, Makkusu Maguma): The combination of the Super Five Robo and the Magma Base when the command "Combine! Max Cross!" (合体! マックスクロス!, Gattai! Makkusu Kurosu!) is given. It is armed with the Max Storm (the cannons in its shoulders). Its ultimate finishing attack is the "Diamond Max" (ダイヤモンドマックス, Daiyamono Makkusu), in which every single cannon on its body fires at the same time. Being primarily a base, this robot cannot walk like the Super Turbo Builder in Kousoku Sentai Turboranger. It was first used to destroy the monster Crab / Ant-gin. It was destroyed by Vulgyre in the finale.


  • Arthur G6 (アーサーG6, Āsā Jī Shikkusu): A support robot created by Doctor Hoshikawa, Arthur was the one who raised the orphaned children on Earth, becoming the closest thing they had to their parents. He usually aids Fiveman from the Magma Base but at times he can fly out from base and transform into Earth Cannon.
  • Gunther (グンサー, Gunsā) (19, 20, 45 & 46) : Known as "Raging Wolf of the Galaxy" (宇宙の暴れウルフ, Uchū no Abare Urufu), Gunther was cared for by Doctor Hoshikawa and his wife when severely injured before he stole the Star Carrier. But arriving on Earth, Gunther battled the Fiveman but eventually could make friends with Gaku before he returns the Star Carrier to them and then was turned to stone. However, he was but was unintentionally revived by Iwakasekigin's spell and helps Gaku while he is trapped with Vulgyre. He sacrifices himself to save Gaku from Billion, and reveals in his dying breath his sins and receive forgiveness before he dies.
  • Five-kun Dolls (ファイブくん人形, Faibu-kun Ningyō): These plush dolls first appeared in episode 23, from a parallel dimension. The five members are Red-kun, Blue-kun, Black-kun, Pink-chan, and Yellow-chan. While watching TV, Fivemen must assist the plush dolls. The enemy of the dolls is Garoa-don Doll (ガロアどん人形, Garoa-don Ningyō). They made a few more cameos in the series, watching certain scenes in the episodes and expressing their thoughts of it.

Silver Imperial Army ZoneEdit

The Silver Imperial Army Zone (銀帝軍ゾーン, Ginteigun Zōn) is an alien army plotting to rule the entire Milky Way, it flies across universe attacking worlds with its Galactic Warriors. Earth will be its 1,000th destroyed planet, at which point Meadow will gain eternal life. They operate from their ship Vulgyre and can send smaller battleships called Vulgols (バルゴール, Barugōru). They use the Galactic currency Dolyen (combination of dollar and Yen) which is said to be equal to 100 Japanese yens.

  • Galactic Super Beast Vulgyre (銀河超獣バルガイヤー, Gingachōjū Barugaiyā) (46-48): The true ruler of Zone. Even though being a living organism, he operated as the Zone headquarters, Galactic Ship Vulgyre (銀河戦艦バルガイヤー, Ginga Senkan Barugaiyā). Projecting into the sky the face of a dead alien woman named Meadow, who he was in love with and killed for refusing him, Vulgyre gave orders to Zone under the "Ōkubi" persona of Empress Meadow. Vulgyre had been traveling the galaxy in order to destroy a total of 1,000 stars. When the star number 1000 is destroyed, he would obtain eternal life and become "God" of the Milky Way. When Five Red exposed the truth, Vulgyre goes on the offensive on the city until he is exposed to New Town School's Sidon flowers and crashes into the mountainside where he confirms his identity. From there, Vulgyre forcefully combines Doldora and Zaza to destroy the Earth-grown Sidon flowers. Believing the one thing that can kill him is gone, Vulgyre reveals to the rest of Zone that he would be undergoing his "Galactic Eclosion", in which he would become "Super Galactic Beast" and that he needed a "final energy" in order to complete this. It is first thought that it is the deaths of the Fiveman but the truth was uncovered after Five Red defeated Chevalier: Vulgyre coveted the energy of Chevalier's death, and not Fiveman's, in order to begin his metamorphosis, explaining that Chevalier had committed multiple murders across the galaxy and his soul would be full with the blood of his victims, the source of the "last energy", resulting in the disturbing revelation that he had deceived Chevalier from the very beginning. After hatching, destroyed the Magma Base with remarkable ease. The Sidon Flowers are his weakness as they are the first sprout of new life in the very first planet he destroyed, using them the Fivemen weakened him and was ultimately destroyed by the Super Five Robo in the finale.
    • Galactic Empress Meadow (銀河皇帝メドー, Gingakōtei Medō) (1-47): The white-skinned, silver-maned, purple-lipped, golden-eyed mystery ruler of the Zone Empire. She is only seen to be the face of a woman surrounded by a silver mane that appears from the sky. Extremely powerful. She seeks to devour life from planets and when the 1,000th is destroyed, she will gain eternal life. Later on, she appeared in reddish form, far more angry after continuous failure of Zone. She is revealed to be a simulation created by Vulgyre after the flowers of Sidon destroyed her. The real Meadow was an alien woman Vulgyre wanted to be his queen in galactic conquest but refused. In the end, her spirit helped the Sidon flowers destroy Vulgyre once and for all avenging herself for all the wrongs Vulgyre did in her name.
  • Captain Garoa (ガロア艦長, Garoa-kanchō): The captain of Vulgyre in black and gray armor over red clothes, armed with a sword. He got scarred by Five Red as a child creating a rivalry between them. An expert swordsman, could handle even the five siblings by himself in battle, with his special technique "Taifuu Shaken" (Typhoon Spinning Sword). Although a field commander, he would not show up much in fight, giving orders from Meadow (actually Vulgyre) to the others but at times shows up to make the lives of the Fivemen miserable if the missions are failing. The continuing failures and the arrival of Chevalier eventually caused Garoa's dismissal, having been assigned the janitor post after his monster Gorilla-Eagle Gin was destroyed when he promised "Meadow" (Vulgyre) the deaths of the Fivemen. He eventually found a secret energy source in Vulgyre, and, unaware of its true nature, he used it on a Gorlin, creating the "Big Garoan", a powerful robotic monster which temporarily destroyed the Super Five Robo, earning him the Captain position back. Even though he tried the hardest to succeed in his plans and, along Dongoros, was the last survivor of Zone, Garoa found his demise trapped in the coffin of Meadow, with his armor destroyed, in the middle of burning Dolyen bills as Vulgyre exploded in the series finale.
  • Galactic Commanders: They somewhat are the triumvirate of the Empire only answering to Garoa and later to Chevalier. They are the ones who serve as the field commanders of the Zone Empire.
    • Galactic Swordsman Billion (銀河剣士ビリオン, Ginga Kenshi Birion) (1-46): He was probably the best swordsman in the galaxy, white-maned in white armor over blue tights. A lover of liquor and swords, this sadistic left-handed warrior enjoys fighting. When he finds an even minimally weaker foe, he challenges to battle and defeats him. He is bitter rivals with Five Red. He would not hesitate to execute a plan even at the cost of a comrade's welfare. He is scheming and manipulative, most of the time using others to accomplish his goals. This can be seen in the different types of monsters and strategies he chose in contrast to Doldora and Dongoros. While using Sabergin, Billion evolved into the more powerful Saber Billion (サーベルビリオン Sāberu Birion), able to enlarge himself to fight the Five Robo. However, once his weapon was destroyed, Billion returned to normal. After being witness to Rose Dolgin's creation to his disgust of the recent truth, Billion attempts to kill Gaku when Gunther intervene and died as a result. He then battles Five Red one on one in a final duel, shattering his sake bottle and discarding his cape, before he ultimately killed by Five Red in Armor Mode's flying sword thrust attack causing him to explode after he got close to victory.
    • Galactic Scientist Doldora (銀河博士ドルドラ, Ginga Hakase Dorudora) (1-46): Scientist and weapons researcher of Zone in gold scorpion-like armor over black tights, she is more of a strategist, although she also has high combat levels. Having a gift for disguise as well, she even fooled Fumiya once posing as a cute girl. She is much less violent than Billion and Dongoros but no less evil. She prefers to let Zaza, her underling, do most of her dirty work, and uses subtle tactics and deceitful monsters as she believes brains work better than direct force. After knowing Vulgyre's true identity and going into insanity, Doldora was forcefully united with Zaza by him to become Bara Dolgin (バラドルギン, Baradorugin) to destroy the Sidon flowers in the New Town School by converting them into red roses with Five Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink powerless to stop her. With only one remaining, she goes after Tatsuya as he runs off with it. But Gaku arrives to stop her with Gunther's aid. She battles the other siblings until Billions is killed and a Gorlin absorbs her. Piloting Star Five, the Fivemen manage to kill Bara Dolgin.
    • Galactic Merchant Dongoros (銀河商人ドンゴロス, Ginga Shōnin Dongorosu): A grotesque, short, fat space merchant who enjoys making money (Dolyen bills) and carries an abacus. He prefers to use brute force (which can be seen in his choice of monsters) to accomplish the job but at times he would use subtle tactics as well when necessary like using a Voodoo Monster. In the finale, Dongoros was killed in the explosion of Vulgyre as he was desperately packing all the Dolyens and gold bars he could before fleeing, falling as a victim of his own greed.
  • Galactic Fang Zaza (銀河の牙ザザ, Ginga no Kiba Zaza) (1-46): Doldora's underling and loyal bodyguard in black tights with purple armor, born from an egg. Zaza was turned into a cyborg by Doldora when just born and swore absolute servitude to her. She used to operate along Billion at times. She is rivals with Remi. She does most of Doldora's dirty work and does not question her mistress at all. Attempting to shield Doldora from Vulgyre, she was merged with her mistress.
  • First Captain Chevalier (初代艦長シュバリエ, Shodaikanchō Shubarie) (28-47): He is actually Vulgyre's first captain but ironically younger-looking than Garoa suggesting he might be a gifted child himself. He had been gone and was operating alone when he heard of Zone's struggle in Earth and returned much to Garoa's chagrin. Eventually takes over captaincy after Garoa, becoming Five Red's rival. He controls a black Gorlin. This self-proclaimed "Hero of the Galaxy" enjoys music and has sword abilities that surpass even those of Garoa's. When he first appeared, he sang the 1970s song "Hero" by the Kai Band. Chevalier shows up in battle more often than Garoa. He is scheming and sadistic as well as cool and even humorous. He uses extremely dangerous tactics against the Fiveman and makes their lives twice as miserable. In the finale, he challenges Five Red to a "Chain Deathmatch" in which an unbreakable chain would link them together until one of them died. He lost to Five Red and then Vulgyre revealed that he made Chevalier fight to death because he needed the "Energy of the most powerful death in the Galaxy" and deceived Chevalier in thinking it was Fiveman's deaths when it was really his that was needed. His explosion released the final energy for Vulgyre's final transformation.
    • Weapons: Barok Stick, Barok Fencer, Barok Shoot, Barok Byoot
  • Ginga Sentai Gingaman (銀河戦隊ギンガマン, Ginga Sentai Gingaman, Galaxy Squadron Gingaman) (9 & 28-47): A comedic all male evil Squadron of five aliens who first formed by Doldora as part of her plan to hypnotize the masses. But they would later return to serve Chevalier. They were killed by the Fivemen near finale. Not to be confused with 1998's Super Sentai series, Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.
    • Baikanian Ginga Red (バイカン星人ギンガレッド, Baikan Seijin Ginga Reddo): From planet Baikan.
    • Monomenian Ginga Blue (モノメ星人ギンガブルー, Monome Seijin Ginga Burū): From planet Monome.
    • Grachisian Ginga Black (グラチス星人ギンガブラック, Gurachisu Seijin Ginga Burakku): From planet Grachis.
    • Fujiminian Ginga Pink (フジミン星人ギンガピンク, Fujimin Seijin Ginga Pinku): From planet Fujimin.
    • Gringanian Ginga Yellow (グリンガ星人ギンガイエロー, Guringa Seijin Ginga Ierō): From planet Gringa.
  • Batzler Soldiers (バツラー兵, Batsurā Hei): The black-skinned grunts with orange heads, armed with crab claws, bearing the Zone crest on their chests. They are also capable of disguise. Galactic Ninja BatzlaGin (銀河忍者バツラギン, Ginga Ninja BatsuraGin) is their leader. Their name comes from the "batsu" (cross) on their heads. There was a special Batzler, Number 339 who had a turtle-like shell. In episode 26, The group Became Superior Over Garoa and the Triumvirate During Topsy-Turvy Day. The group were later summoned by Zaigan during Super Sentai World.
  • Enlarging Beast Gorlin (巨大化獣ゴルリン, Kyodaikajū Gorurin): A giant white-skinned robot alien which absorbs and mimics the defeated Galactic Warriors. Even though, if the Galactic Warrior had completely died, the Gorlin would not be able to mimic it. Each Gorlin has its serial number and there have been interesting cases: Gorlin number 13 combined itself with the Sidon demon warped around it instead of absorbing it; Gorlin number 12 fell down while running and could not reach Bat-rugin before he died, failing to enlarge him; Gorlin number 36 was used by Garoa to create the giant robot Big Garoan. Each Gorlin costs 100,000 Dolyen, considerably cheap given its dimensions. It resembled Michelin's mascot Bibendum a little bit.
    • Black Gorlin (黒ゴルリン, Kuro Gorurin) (30 & 47): A special Gorlin Chevalier had modified to serve him as a fighting robot. It has laser cannons on its shoulders and bears the Zone crest on its chest. It was destroyed before the finale by two consecutive Super Vector Punches from the Super Five Robo at the same time that Chevalier fell against Five Red.


No. Title Director Writer Original air date
1"The Five Sibling Warriors"
Transcription: "Go Kyōdai Senshi" (Japanese: 五兄弟戦士)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaMarch 2, 1990 (1990-03-02)
2"Father's Payback! Mother's Payback"
Transcription: "Chichi no Kataki! Haha no Kataki" (Japanese: 父の仇! 母の仇)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaMarch 9, 1990 (1990-03-09)
3"Challenge! The Galactic Tiger"
Transcription: "Chōsen! Ginga no Tora" (Japanese: 挑戦! 銀河の虎)
Masao MinowaHirohisa SodaMarch 16, 1990 (1990-03-16)
4"Get the Earth Drunk"
Transcription: "Chikyū o Yowasero" (Japanese: 地球を酔わせろ)
Masao MinowaHirohisa SodaMarch 23, 1990 (1990-03-23)
5"Orphaned Galaxy Egg"
Transcription: "Minashigo Ginga Tamago" (Japanese: みなしご銀河卵)
Kiyoshi AraiHirohisa SodaMarch 30, 1990 (1990-03-30)
6"I Hate Hard Workers"
Transcription: "Hatarakimono wa Kirai Da" (Japanese: 働き者は嫌いだ)
Kiyoshi AraiMami WatanabeApril 6, 1990 (1990-04-06)
7"The 45m Grade-Schooler"
Transcription: "Yonjūgo-mētā no Shōgakusei" (Japanese: 45mの小学生)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaApril 13, 1990 (1990-04-13)
8"Shine! A Seed of Life"
Transcription: "Kagayake! Hitotsubu no Inochi" (Japanese: 輝け! 一粒の命)
Takao NagaishiKunio FujiiApril 20, 1990 (1990-04-20)
9"Gingaman Appear"
Transcription: "Tōjō Gingaman" (Japanese: 登場ギンガマン)
Shohei TojoHirohisa SodaApril 27, 1990 (1990-04-27)
10"Suck My Blood!"
Transcription: "Ore no Chi o Sue!" (Japanese: 俺の血を吸え!)
Shohei TojoToshiki InoueMay 4, 1990 (1990-05-04)
11"Dangerous Treasure Hunting"
Transcription: "Abunai Takara Sagashi" (Japanese: あぶない宝探し)
Masao MinowaKunio FujiiMay 11, 1990 (1990-05-11)
12"Arthur's Super Transformation"
Transcription: "Āsā Chō Henkei" (Japanese: アーサー超変型)
Masao MinowaHirohisa SodaMay 18, 1990 (1990-05-18)
13"Do, Re, Mi, Fight"
Transcription: "Do Re Mi Faito" (Japanese: ドレミファイト)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaMay 25, 1990 (1990-05-25)
14"The Cute Liar"
Transcription: "Kawaii Usotsuki" (Japanese: 可愛いウソつき)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaJune 1, 1990 (1990-06-01)
15"There Are Two Reds!!"
Transcription: "Reddo ga Futari!!" (Japanese: レッドが二人!!)
Shohei TojoHirohisa SodaJune 8, 1990 (1990-06-08)
16"Hungry Hero"
Transcription: "Harapeko Hīrō" (Japanese: 腹ぺこヒーロー)
Shohei TojoMami WatanabeJune 15, 1990 (1990-06-15)
17"Fumiya's Friendship Announcement"
Transcription: "Fumiya no Kōsai Sengen" (Japanese: 文矢の交際宣言)
Takao NagaishiKunio FujiiJune 22, 1990 (1990-06-22)
18"Saving Money!!"
Transcription: "O-kane Tamemasu!!" (Japanese: お金貯めます!!)
Takao NagaishiToshiki InoueJune 29, 1990 (1990-06-29)
19"Red Fighting Robot"
Transcription: "Akai Kenka Robo" (Japanese: 赤いけんかロボ)
Masao MinowaHirohisa SodaJuly 6, 1990 (1990-07-06)
20"Burning Sibling Robot"
Transcription: "Moeru Kyōdai Robo" (Japanese: 燃える兄弟ロボ)
Masao MinowaHirohisa SodaJuly 13, 1990 (1990-07-13)
21"Vaulting Horse Trio"
Transcription: "Tobibako Sannin-gumi" (Japanese: 跳び箱3人組)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaJuly 20, 1990 (1990-07-20)
22"Shining Handsome Youth"
Transcription: "Hikaru Biseinen" (Japanese: 光る美青年)
Takao NagaishiMami WatanabeJuly 27, 1990 (1990-07-27)
23"The Five-kun Dolls"
Transcription: "Faibu Kun Ningyō" (Japanese: 5 (ファイブ)くん人形)
Shohei TojoHirohisa SodaAugust 3, 1990 (1990-08-03)
24"Slow Turtle Ninja"
Transcription: "Noro Kame Ninja" (Japanese: のろ亀忍者)
Shohei TojoHirohisa SodaAugust 10, 1990 (1990-08-10)
25"Friendship's Sakurajima"
Transcription: "Yūjō no Sakurajima" (Japanese: 友情の桜島)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaAugust 17, 1990 (1990-08-17)
26"It's Kyushu, Huh"
Transcription: "Kyūshū Dayon" (Japanese: 九州だョン)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaAugust 24, 1990 (1990-08-24)
27"If You Sleep, You Die"
Transcription: "Nemureba Shinu" (Japanese: 眠れば死ぬ)
Shohei TojoToshiki InoueAugust 31, 1990 (1990-08-31)
28"Chorus of Underworld"
Transcription: "Jigoku no Kōrasu" (Japanese: 地獄の合唱 (コーラス))
Masao MinowaHirohisa SodaSeptember 7, 1990 (1990-09-07)
29"Fusion vs. Combination"
Transcription: "Gasshin Tai Gattai" (Japanese: 合身VS合体)
Masao MinowaHirohisa SodaSeptember 14, 1990 (1990-09-14)
30"Black Gorlin"
Transcription: "Kuro Gorurin" (Japanese: 黒ゴルリン)
Shohei TojoHirohisa SodaSeptember 21, 1990 (1990-09-21)
31"Dangerous Mother"
Transcription: "Abunai Haha" (Japanese: あぶない母)
Shohei TojoHirohisa SodaSeptember 28, 1990 (1990-09-28)
32"Gaku Dies"
Transcription: "Gaku, Shisu" (Japanese: 学、死す)
Takao NagaishiToshiki InoueOctober 5, 1990 (1990-10-05)
33"Deadly Flip-turn"
Transcription: "Hissatsu Uragaeshi" (Japanese: 必殺裏返し)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaOctober 12, 1990 (1990-10-12)
34"Can-Packed Humans"
Transcription: "Ningen Kanzume" (Japanese: 人間カン詰)
Masao MinowaHirohisa SodaOctober 19, 1990 (1990-10-19)
35"Gaku's Secret!!"
Transcription: "Gaku no Himitsu!!" (Japanese: 学の秘密!!)
Masao MinowaKunio FujiiOctober 26, 1990 (1990-10-26)
36"Super Twin Strategy"
Transcription: "Futago Dai Sakusen" (Japanese: 双子大作戦)
Shohei TojoMami WatanabeNovember 2, 1990 (1990-11-02)
37"Human Cannon"
Transcription: "Ningen Taihō" (Japanese: 人間大砲)
Shohei TojoHirohisa SodaNovember 9, 1990 (1990-11-09)
38"Fake Sibling Teachers"
Transcription: "Nise Kyodai Sensei" (Japanese: 偽兄弟先生)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaNovember 16, 1990 (1990-11-16)
39"Please Love Me"
Transcription: "Ai o Kudasai" (Japanese: 愛を下さい)
Takao NagaishiToshiki InoueNovember 23, 1990 (1990-11-23)
40"Boy Majin Sword"
Transcription: "Shōnen Majin Ken" (Japanese: 少年魔神剣)
Masao MinowaMami WatanabeNovember 30, 1990 (1990-11-30)
41"Scary Date"
Transcription: "Kowai Dēto" (Japanese: 恐いデート)
Masao MinowaKunio FujiiDecember 7, 1990 (1990-12-07)
42"Kung Fu Spirit"
Transcription: "Kan Fū Tamashii" (Japanese: カンフー魂)
Shohei TojoHirohisa SodaDecember 14, 1990 (1990-12-14)
43"TV Love"
Transcription: "Terebi no Koi" (Japanese: テレビの恋)
Shohei TojoHirohisa SodaDecember 21, 1990 (1990-12-21)
44"Struggle Robot Battle"
Transcription: "Shitō Robo Sen" (Japanese: 死闘ロボ戦)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaJanuary 11, 1991 (1991-01-11)
45"Rushing into the Enemy Base"
Transcription: "Teki Kichi Totsunyū" (Japanese: 敵基地突入)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaJanuary 18, 1991 (1991-01-18)
46"The Whereabouts of Our Parents"
Transcription: "Chichi Haha no Yukue" (Japanese: 父母 (ちちはは)の行方)
Takao NagaishiHirohisa SodaJanuary 25, 1991 (1991-01-25)
47"The Super Beast's Big Shedding"
Transcription: "Chōjū Dai Dappi" (Japanese: 超獣大脱皮)
Shohei TojoHirohisa SodaFebruary 1, 1991 (1991-02-01)
48"Departure to the Stars"
Transcription: "Hoshi he no Tabidachi" (Japanese: 星への旅立ち)
Shohei TojoHirohisa SodaFebruary 8, 1991 (1991-02-08)


Voice actorsEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Yuriko: Youko Nakamura (Episode 35)

Philippine Cast from 1994-1995Edit

In the RPN-9 version their Japanese names are renamed except the villains while in the TV5 version both Gaku and Fumiya are renamed as Manabu and Fumio except Ken, Remi and Kazumi and the names of the villains are maintained. So far, here are the voice cast in the TV5 version.

  • William/Manabu/Gaku Hoshikawa - Bernie Malejana
  • Ben/Ken Hoshikawa - Bobby Cruz
  • Julio/Fumio/Fumiya Hoshikawa - Ed Belo
  • Rita/Kazumi Hoshikawa - Candice Arellano (1-31) Vilma Borromeo (32-48)
  • Jessica/Remi Hoshikawa - Gloria "Ollie" De Guzman
  • Doctor Hoshikawa - Roger Aquino
  • Midori Hoshikawa - Rodelia Legaspi
  • Wolfe/Gunther - Carlo Eduardo Labalan
  • Empress Meadow - Marichu Villegas
  • Garoa - Jun Legaspi
  • Billion - Allan Ortega
  • Doldora - Amy Panopio
  • Dongoros - Bambam Labalan
  • Chevalier - Montreal "Monty" Repuyan
  • Zaza - Minna Bernales

Voice ActorsEdit

Arthur G6 - Bambam Labalan


Opening Theme
  • "Chikyu Sentai Fiveman" (地球戦隊ファイブマン, Chikyū Sentai Faibuman)
    • Lyrics: Masao Urino
    • Composition: Yasuo Kosugi
    • Arrangement: Kenji Yamamoto
    • Artist: Kenji Suzuki (鈴木 けんじ, Suzuki Kenji)
Ending Theme
  • "Fiveman, Ai no Thema" (ファイブマン、愛のテーマ, Faibuman, Ai no Tēma, "Fiveman, Theme of Love")
    • Lyrics: Masao Urino
    • Composition: Yasuo Kosugi
    • Arrangement: Kazuya Matsushita (松下 一也, Matsushita Kazuya)
    • Artist: Kenji Suzuki

Appearances in Power RangersEdit

FiveYellow's suit was adapted into the Power Rangers Megaforce episode "The Wrath" as the Yellow Supersonic Ranger.[2] The entire Fiveman team appeared later in a comic story Power Rangers Supersonic which is in the Boom! Studios Power Rangers Year Two Deluxe Edition. In the story, the team is composed of Ace (Red Ranger), Star (Pink Ranger), Gent (Black Ranger), Pyre (Yellow Ranger), Brute (Blue Ranger) with a Green Ranger named Trek being added to the team. They are also aliens from the planet Xybria.[3]


  1. ^ Literally translated as Earth Squad Fiveman.


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