Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Fitzhenry & Whiteside is a Canadian book publishing and distribution company, located in Markham, Ontario. It publishes trade titles in children's and young adult fiction, textbooks, reference, history, biography, photography, sports and poetry.[2]

Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Fitzhenry & Whiteside office in Markham
FoundersRobert I. Fitzhenry and Cecil L. Whiteside
Country of originCanada
Headquarters locationMarkham, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
Distributionself-distributed (Canada)
Firefly Books Ltd (distributing for United States)[1]
Publication typesBooks
ImprintsRed Deer Press
Fifth House Books
White House Books
Whitecap Books

The company was founded in 1966 by two former employees of other publishing houses: Robert I. Fitzhenry and Cecil L. Whiteside.[2][3] It began as a distributor in Canada for American publishers such as Harper & Row, then started publishing reference works and nonfiction.[3] Their lineup still includes such titles as The Fitzhenry and Whiteside Book of Canadian Facts and Dates.[2] In the 1990s and 2000s, the company bought several other Canadian publishers, including Fifth House, Trifolium Books, Stoddart Kids and Red Deer Press, expanding their repertoire to include children's fiction and science fiction.[3] The company is privately owned by Fitzhenry's family.[3]

Authors published with Fitzhenry & Whiteside include Bernice Thurman Hunter (The Girls They Left Behind; Red Maple Award shortlist 2007),[4][5] Ian Krykorka and Kari-Lynn Winters (Gift Days, Buzz about Bees).[6][7]


Four Fitzhenry & Whiteside titles have won Governor General's Literary Awards:

  1. Northrop Frye on Shakespeare by Northrop Frye in 1986 [8]
  2. A Screaming Kind of Day by Rachna Gilmore in 1999 [9]
  3. Processional by Anne Compton in 2005
  4. Greener Grass: The Famine Years by Caroline Pignat in 2009 [10]

In addition, the company's books and authors have collected many other awards over the years.[3]

Fifth House divisionEdit

Fifth House is a Canadian book publishing company, located in Markham, Ontario, and a subsidiary of Fitzhenry & Whiteside. It publishes trade titles in history, native studies, photography, science & nature, and social science.[11]

Fifth House has won Alberta Publisher of the Year two years running in 2007 and 2008.[12]

Fifth House books have won many Saskatchewan and Alberta Book prizes and awards from the Canadian Authors Association as well as two gold awards from Cuisine Canada for High Plains: The Joy of Alberta Cuisine by Cinda Chavich.[13]

Two titles, Lisa Christensen's A Hiker’s Guide to Art in the Canadian Rockies and Brian Brennan’s Scoundrels & Scallywags, have been shortlisted for the Grant MacEwan Literary Award, and in 2004 Brennan became the first recipient of the Dave Greber Award for freelance writing for Romancing the Rockies.[14]

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