First battle of Öland (1564)

The first battle of Öland (Swedish: Första slaget vid Ölands norra udde) took place on 30–31 May 1564 between the islands of Gotland and Öland, between a fleet of Allied ships, the Danes under Herluf Trolle and the Lübeckers under Friedrich Knebel, and a Swedish fleet of 23 or more ships under Jakob Bagge. It was an Allied victory.

Action of 30 May 1564
Part of Northern Seven Years' War
Hans Bohrdt - Sieg der Lübecker.jpeg
Final battle at Mars, by Hans Bohrdt
Date30–31 May 1564
Result Danish/Lübeck victory
Baltic Sea
 Sweden  Denmark
Commanders and leaders
Sweden Jakob Bagge Denmark Herluf Trolle
Lübeck Friedrich Knebel
Sweden 35 vessels, 3,500 sailors
Sweden 1700 soldiers
Denmark 26 ships, 4,600 sailors
Lübeck 10 ships, 2,018 sailors
Casualties and losses
Sweden 1 ship, flagship Mars with approximately 800 sailors, additionally 101 sailors were killed on other ships Lübeck 1 ship, Lange Bark sunk on the 30th losses unknown, and approximately 300 boarders on the Mars

Only some of the ships on each side were involved, the rest being unable to help due to the wind. On 30 May Fortuna was damaged and Lange Bark sunk, but on 31 May the Swedish ship Mars was boarded by Byens Løffue, Engel, and Fuchs before catching alight and exploding, killing most of its crew and 300 boarders. Jakob Bagge and his Second, Arved Trolle [sv], were taken prisoner. Swedish casualties apart from in this ship were 101. Fleming took over the fleet and sailed it back to Älvsnabben, while the Danes sailed to Copenhagen.

Ships involvedEdit


  • Fortuna (Danish flag)
  • Byens Løffue 56
  • Engel (Lübeck flag)
  • Lange Bark (Lübeck) — sunk 30 May
  • Arck
  • Fuchs (Lübeck)
  • other ships


  • Mars 173 (flag) — blew up 31 May
  • Elefant 65 (Fleming)
  • Finska Svan 82
  • Svenska Hektor 87
  • 19 or more other ships


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