First Vynnychenko government

The first government lasted from June 28 1917[1] until August 13 when the Mala Rada accepted the resignation of V.Vynnychenko.[2] Most ministers later were imprisoned by the Soviet regime, the rest managed to survive abroad.


Party key Jewish Bund
Office Party Incumbent[1]
Secretary of Internal Affairs Volodymyr Vynnychenko
Secretary of Nationalities Serhiy Yefremov
Deputy - Jewish Affairs Moishe Zilberfarb
Deputy - Polish Affairs Mieczysław Mickiewicz
Secretary of Finance Khrystofor Baranovsky
Secretary of Court Affairs Valentyn Sadovsky
Secretary of Military Affairs Symon Petliura
Secretary of Agrarian Affairs Borys Martos
Secretary of Education Ivan Steshenko
Secretary of Food Supply Mykola Stasyuk
Chancellor Pavlo Khrystiuk
Controller Moisei Rafes
Secretary of Communications Aleksandr Zarubin
Secretary of Transportation Vsevolod Holubovych

The last three portfolios of the First Secretariat were added on July 13, three more (Trade/Industry, Labor, and Russian Affairs) assigned to Bolsheviks were never filled due to boycott.

  • June 26, 1917 - announcement of the Declaration of General Secretariat at the plenum meeting of Central Rada
  • June 28, 1917 - First Cabinet with 9 portfolios (8 secretaries and 1 chancellor), the Secretary of Internal Affairs is the chairman[1]
  • Before the July Days - meeting with the delegation from the Russian Provisional Government
  • July 13, 1917 - the General Secretariat was recognized as the highest executive power in Ukraine, members of which would be confirmed by the Russian Provisional Government, expansion of Secretariat with 6 more portfolios added (2 secretaries, 3 deputy-secretary of nationalities, and 1 controller)
  • End of July 1917 - during the political crisis in the republic meeting with members of the newly elected Russian government, Kerensky's "Instruktsiya" recognizing the Statue and the jurisdiction of the General Secretariat over five guberniyas
  • August 7, 1917 - Vynnychenko files resignation in the protest to acceptance of "Instruktsiya" by Central Rada
  • August 13, 1917 - Central Rada accepts his resignation and appoints Dmytro Doroshenko as the new chairman, confirming his new government already the next day
  • August 18, 1917 - Doroshenko files resignation, Vynnychenko was offered to form a government once again
Deputy-Secretaries of Nationalities

Secretary of Nationalities was expanded by the request of the Provisional Government as the minority representatives to Undersecretaries of ethnic affairs (deputies) and soon on July 17 Yefremov was replaced by Oleksander Shulhyn.

At first the deputy secretaries of Nationalities were part of the secretariat of Nationalities headed initially by Yefremov. With the proclamation of the III Universal on December 22, 1917 on the initiative of Oleksandr Shulhyn the Secretariat of Nationalities was transformed into the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs. The position for the Russian Affairs representative for quite sometime was left unoccupied although was specifically reserved for the Russian Provisional Government. After the Secretariat was reorganized as the Council of Ministers the deputy-secretaries received their own ministerial assignments.