First Danby ministry

The first Danby ministry was the name of the governmental body led by The Earl of Danby during the reign of Charles II. It was the successor of the Cabal ministry which fell from power when the Catholicism of some members became a problem for parliament. As a consequence of this issue, the Danby ministry was traditionally associated with an Anglican policy in the Church of England and a pro-Dutch foreign policy.


Shown here is a table showing the main membership of the Danby Ministry for its duration.

Lord High Treasurer The Earl of Danby 1674–1679
Lord Keeper Lord Finch 1674–1675
Lord Chancellor 1675–1679
Lord Privy Seal The Earl of Anglesey 1674–1679
Lord High Admiral Prince Rupert of the Rhine 1674–1679
Lord Steward The Duke of Ormonde 1674–1679
Lord Chamberlain The Earl of St Albans 1674
The Earl of Arlington 1674–1679
Master of the Horse The Duke of Buckingham 1674
Southern Secretary Henry Coventry 1674–1679
Northern Secretary Sir Joseph Williamson 1674–1679
Secretary of State for Scotland The Duke of Lauderdale 1674–1679
Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir John Duncombe 1674–1676
Sir John Ernle 1676–1679
Treasurer of the Navy Edward Seymour 1674–1679
Preceded by Government of England
Succeeded by