First Battle of Chamkaur

The First Battle of Chamkaur was fought in 1702 between the Sikhs and the Mughals. It resulted in a Sikh victory and Mughal General Sayyad Beg joined the Sikh's with some troops.[1]

First Battle of Chamkaur
Part of Mughal-Sikh Wars
Result Sikh Victory
Sayyad Beg Joins the Sikhs
Punjab flag.svg Khalsa

Alam of the Mughal Empire.svg Mughal Empire

Commanders and leaders
Guru Gobind Singh
Unknown but smaller than the Mughal Army 10,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

Before the battleEdit

Guru Gobind Singh was making his way to Anandpur. He halted in Chamkaur. Mughal troops led by Generals Sayyad Beg and Alif Khan were marching from Lahore to Delhi. They were seen marching by Ajmer Chand. He requested to the Genreals to join him and promised to pay them 2,000 rupees per day. The Mughal army, along with hill forces from the Rajas made an attack on the Guru.[1]

The battleEdit

The Mughal army and the army of the Hill Rajas attacked. There were only a small army of Sikhs with the Guru. Sayyad Beg felt the aggression on peace was unwarranted. With heavy fighting in the progress he along with some of his troops joined the Sikhs. Alif Khan alone could not fight. He withdrew his troops and made his troops march to Delhi.[1][2]


The Guru along with his Sikhs returned to Anandpur and Sayyad Beg joined him.[1]


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