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Screenshot of a race in Firebugs

The player takes control of one of five vehicles in a futuristic race where speeds can reach over 400 miles per hour.[1] Weapons and defences are used to help the player win races. The game modes include 1 player mode where the player can race on 25 tracks in 5 distinct worlds (Archipelago, Droid Gardens, Sky Dunes, Sky Port and Cloud City)[1]. There is 2 player mode which consists of the same basics as in one player mode.


The game's soundtrack includes music from hip-hop group Bomfunk MCs, whose songs "We R Atomic" and "Put Ya Hands Up" are featured. These are of note because the album Burnin' Sneakers was not released in the UK[citation needed], and so the songs have correlation to this game for many UK fans.

Critical receptionEdit

Firebugs received positive reviews in the Evening Chronicle,[2] the Birmingham Mail,[3] and the Waikato Times.[4]


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