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Beto Carrero World is a theme park located in Penha, Brazil. The park is considered to be one of Santa Catarina's signature amusement parks.[1] It is the largest theme park in Latin America occupying 14 km2 (5.4 sq mi) divided into 7 theme areas.[2]

Beto Carrero World
Castelo das Nações in Beto Carrero World
LocationPenha, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Coordinates26°48′09″S 48°36′52″W / 26.802481°S 48.614367°W / -26.802481; -48.614367Coordinates: 26°48′09″S 48°36′52″W / 26.802481°S 48.614367°W / -26.802481; -48.614367
OwnerBeto Carrero
Operating seasonAll year
Area14×10^6 m2 (5.4 sq mi)
Totalmore than 100
Roller coasters4
Water rides3


Beto Carrero World was developed by Brazilian businessman and entertainer Beto Carrero. It opened on December 28, 1991 Santa Catarina. In 2012, Beto Carrero World announced a joint partnership with DreamWorks Animation and Universal Studios which allowed the park to feature characters from both film studios.

In 2012 the park bought the former Batman & Robin: The Chiller Roller Coaster from Six Flags Great Adventure. The ride was expected to open in 2014, but the ride was never assembled for unknown reasons and was scrapped in 2018.

The park also sold their Freefall after the 2018 season. It is planned to be rebuilt at a park west of São Paulo.


Beto Carrero World is in the city of Penha, on the north coast of Santa Catarina.


  • Velozes e Furiosos Show (Fast and Furious Show)[3]
  • Portal da Escuridão (Portal of Darkness)[4]
  • Monga[5]
  • O Sonho do Cowboy (The Cowboy's Dream)[6]
  • Madagascar Circus Show[7]
  • Blum[8]
  • Excalibur[9]

Theme areasEdit

The park is divided among seven distinct areas, with their own individual themes.

Avenida das Nações (Nations' Avenue)Edit

Avenida das Nações is the entrance to Beto Carrero World.


Castelo das Nações
Carrossel Veneziano
Germanic Village
  • Castelo das Nações (Nations' Castle): Occupies 10,444m2 of area and contains the ticket office, the new railroad to Aventura Selvagem (Wild Adventure), stores and cafés, bathrooms, lockers, and other services.
  • Carrossel (Carousel)
  • Baby Elefante (Baby Elephant)
  • Pedalinho (Paddle boat): a ride on the lake next to the Pirate Island
  • As aventuras de Betinho Carrero-4D (The Adventures of Betinho Carrero-4D): A 4D cinema
  • Palacio Dos Sorvetes (Ice-cream Palace)
  • Praça De Alimentação (Food court)
  • Praça De Eventos (Event Hall)
  • Roda-Gigante (Ferris Wheel): a Ferris wheel about 25 metres in height
  • Teleférico (Cable car)
  • Acqua: Water show
  • Raskapuska: similar to It's a Small World; boat ride in a mountain interior, filled with scenarios featuring hundreds of characters from children's literature
  • Super Carros (Super Cars): Attraction where guests can ride or drive luxury sports cars
  • Passeio De Helicóptero (Ride in the Helicopter): Aerial tour with views of the city of Penha and the park.

Mundo Animal (animal world)Edit

Mundo Animal is a themed area that features a zoo housing different animals.[10]


  • Zoológico (Zoo): Houses animals such as tigers, jaguars, bears, lions, giraffes, and elephants.
  • Ilha dos Macacos (Monkeys' Island): A little archipelago in one of the lakes of the park where animals are observed in the open.
  • Mamães e Filhotes (Moms and Babies): Area where different infant animals are kept.
  • Snake show: A 10-minute show featuring snakes.
  • Passarela dos Tigres (Catwalk Tigers): A series of cages with a catwalk between them where visitors can observe tigers, lions, and jaguars.
  • Palácio das Serpentes (Serpents' Palace): A building that houses serpents.
  • Monga: A 10-minute illusion show.
  • Dum-Dum: A Roller-coaster inspired by the Dum Dum alligator, one of the characters of Betinho Carrero's Gang.
  • Centro de Primatologia Beto Carrero (Beto Carrero's Center of Primatology): A primate study center that opened in 2007.
  • Mundo Mágico das Aves (Magical World of Birds): Aviary where the visitors can meet different species of birds.

Vila Germânica (Germanic village)Edit

Vila Germânica is a themed area dedicated to German migrants in Santa Catarina.


  • Bier Haus: German-themed restaurant.
  • Auto Pista: Traditional bumper cars.
  • Mundo Maravilhoso dos Cavalos (The Wonderful World of Horses): Space dedicated to horses.
  • Xícaras Malucas (Crazy Teacups): A teacups ride.
  • Excalibur: A 45-minute show featuring costumed actors and duelling in search of the eponymous sword.
  • Cine Renato Aragão: Area dedicated to the creation of conventions, lectures and other events.
  • Tigor Mountain: of Dutch fabrication, this roller-coaster is approximately 600 meters long. The attraction is directed to the whole family, embarking from a German-style station.
  • Kidplay: A child-exclusive maze in the midst of tubes and ball pit.
  • Acqua Boat: Bumper car ride on the water.

Velho Oeste (Old West)Edit

A small village with typical Old West constructions, with a little church and saloons.[11]


  • Aldeia Indígena (Indian Village): Facsimile of a North American Indian village.
  • Fort Álamo: Food court/shopping complex.
  • Trenzinho (Little train): Attraction where children can ride a train.
  • Cavalarias: Visitors can ride horses through an obstacle course.
  • O Sonho do Cowboy (Cowboy's Dream): the show recounts the life of Beto Carrero as the Brazilian cowboy. The production incorporates scenes and artifacts from the Old West.
  • Hípica: Building where the horses are treated.
  • Memorial Beto Carrero: Memorial that depicts the Carrero's history. It features Carrero's whip, hats, photos and videos of Beto Carrero with personal friends, and a John Wayne trailer for Carrero's personal use.

Ilha dos Piratas (pirates' island)Edit

A pirate-themed island connected to the center of the park by a hanging bridge.[12]


  • Bar Pirata: A pirate-themed bar.
  • Casa dos Espelhos (House of Mirrors): House installed with distorting mirrors.
  • Caverna dos Piratas (Pirates' Cave): Pirate-themed cave.
  • Galeão Pirata (Pirate Galleon): Scenic spot with a waterfall.
  • Barco Pirata (Pirate Boat): A traditional pirate boat.

Aventura Radical (extreme adventure)Edit

Civilizações Perdidas
Star Mountain

Aventura Radical houses amusement rides. It is the most visited area of the park.[13]

  • Civilizações Perdidas (Lost Civilizations): Themed area with ruins of ancient civilizations. It housed the Empire of the Waters which opened in 2004. It had been renovated to make room for Madagascar.
  • Tchibum: Water ride one boats plummet into a water tank.
  • Star Mountain: Netherlands-imported ride originally named Star World Mountain. It is 35 m high and reaches a maximum of almost 90 km/h.
  • Big Tower: Free fall tower that opened in 2003. It is the highest attraction in the park at 93 meters high and reaches a speed of 120 km/h. It was opened in 2003.
  • Portal da Escuridão (Darkness Portal): Horror-themed attraction. Visitors pass through seven scenes inspired by famous horror films such as The Exorcist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  • FireWhip (Chicote de Fogo): Roller coaster which opened in late 2008. It is 40 meters high, 700 meters long, and reaches a speed of almost 100 km/h.
  • Velozes e Furiosos Show (Fast and Furious Show): Inspired by the eponymous franchise, the car show changed after the partnership with DreamWorks and Universal Studios.
  • Pista de Kart (Kart Track): Racing attraction that allows visitors to drive in cars like a Formula One.
  • Quadriciclo (Quadricycle): ATV ride that travels through the park.
  • Acqua Bolha (Water Bubble): Water attraction where visitors get in bubbles to let them walk on water.


During the 17th edition of AVIRRP Association of Ribeirão Preto Travel Agencies (SP), the construction of a new themed area was announced. The Madagascar was supposed to open in October 2013, but work on it was completed in February 2014.[14]


  • Madagascar Crazy River Adventure!: Raft ride that takes visitors through a river almost one kilometer long and five meters wide.
  • Madagascar Circus Show: Circus show where Madagascar characters dance and perform stunts.
  • Foto com personagens (Pictures with Characters): An area to take pictures with the Madagascar characters.

Terra da Fantasia (fantasy land)Edit

One of the areas of the park where all the attractions are seen on a train tour. The tour is narrated by the driver of the train. The main points of the tour are:

  • Casa do Beto Carrero (Beto Carrero's House): In front of a mansion, several cowboys simulate an assault on the train. But within minutes the sheriff of the region appears to save the passengers. Before 2008, the person saving the train was Beto Carrero.
  • Caverna dos Dinossauros (Dinosaurs' Cave): Jurassic era-themed cave with animatronic dinosaurs. The cave has a film scene with computer-controlled lights and sounds.
  • Horta Modelo (Garden Model): Giant sculptures of fruits and vegetables.
  • Terra dos Gigantes (Giants' Land): Several scenarios containing statues of turtles, crocodiles, and other giant animals.
  • Vale Encantado (Enchanted Valley)
  • Vila Esperança (Hope Village): a tribute to Azorean community representing a small village. Some buildings in the scene were real houses before the park's construction.
  • Vila Árabe (Arab Village): A palace and its sultan that honors the Arab community.
  • Mundo Mágico Das Aves (Magical World of Birds): New attraction of Beto Carrero World. Visitors enter a nursery home to several species of birds. Along the way, a detailed landscape includes bridges, waterfalls, rivers and trees.

Antigas Atrações (former attractions)Edit

  • África Misteriosa: Inside a huge theater located in the middle of the jungle, the show included acrobatics, dances and animals. It was located in the Animal World and lasted for 45 minutes.
  • Trem Fantasma: Typical attraction of theme parks. It was in the Extreme Adventure area and had three floors.
  • Tapete Mágico: It was located in the Extreme Adventure area.
  • Traum Boat: It was located in German Village. Similar to the famous Kamikaze.
  • Animal Actors: Show with trained animals. It was located in the Theatre Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, which has undergone renovations and integrated into the area of Madagascar.
  • Piráguas: A carousel of boats on the water. It was in the Animal World area.
  • Segura Peão: Small child's attraction with a small mechanical horse that used to be in the Wild West area.
  • Império da Águas: Re-themed to the new attraction "Madagascar Crazy River Adventure!".
  • Elevador: A Freefall tower sold after the 2018 season.


Beto Carrero World has put on various events, the most visited being the Thriller Nights, a tribute to the king of pop Michael Jackson, and the Island of Darkness, a spooky-themed Island Of Pirates.

  • 'Thriller Nights' (2009)
  • 'Island of Darkness' (2010-2011)
  • 'Dream Valley' '(2012-2013)

Automotive complexEdit

The amusement park holds a motocross track and an international kart track designed by Herman Tilke. In 2011, it hosted 500 Miles Kart, an event that brings together leading Motorsport and Brazilian celebrities.


In November 2011, during a performance car called "Extreme Show", a motorcyclist hit a car; both the motorcyclist and the car's driver were unharmed.[15]

In February 2013, student Fernanda Dryer, 23, had her scalp ripped off while riding a go-kart at the Beto Carrero World theme park after her hair was caught in the engine of the kart.[16]

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