Fintan's Grave

Fintan's Grave is a mythological cave on the Irish mountain (now hill) Tul Tuinde[1] (Hill of the Wave) in the Arra Mountains near Lough Derg.[2][3]

Fintan's Grave
Fert Fintain, Dun Tulcha
Map showing the location of Fintan's Grave
Map showing the location of Fintan's Grave
Coordinates52°50′48″N 8°23′26″W / 52.8467°N 8.3905°W / 52.8467; -8.3905Coordinates: 52°50′48″N 8°23′26″W / 52.8467°N 8.3905°W / 52.8467; -8.3905

Supposedly, Fintan mac Bóchra waited out the Flood here.[4]


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