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Finnboga saga ramma (About this soundlisten ) (The Saga of Finnbogi the Strong) is an Icelandic saga that recounts the life of Finnbogi rammi. The story takes place in Flateyjardalur in Suður-Þingeyjarsýsla and in other places in Iceland, as well as in Norway. The events supposedly took place in the 10th century. Finnbogi rammi is mentioned in Landnámabók, and Íslendingadrápa.[1]

The saga was likely composed in the fourteenth century, making is one of the younger, "postclassical" sagas".[1] Margrét Eggertsdóttir summaries the saga thus:

Finnboga saga ramma is not one the better-crafted Íslendingasögur. Characterization is flat, and the plot little more than a repetitious series of episodes designed to present the hero in a favorable light. The narrative is nevertheless lively and makes good reading.[1]

A feud in the saga also features in Vatnsdœla saga. Óslen proposed that Finnboga saga ramma was written to present a better version of Finnbogi than that in Vatnsdœla saga.[2] However, van Hamel suggests that the two sagas record different versions of the same incident.[3]

The saga is preserved in two main versions in the vellum manuscripts Möðruvallabók and Tómasarbók as well as a number of seventeenth century paper manuscripts derived from these.[1]

Guðmundr Bergþórsson wrote rímur based on the story in 1686 and there is a Faroese ballad based on the saga or a common source.[1]




The website records 41 manuscripts containing Finnboga saga ramma.[4]


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